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What is eduaction?

Eduaction is a collective term for the programmes of the Educational Department at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb. This somewhat jumbled name emphasises action as an important part of learning in a museum. In Eduaction we organise and conduct numerous educational actions, including creative workshops and playrooms, encounters with artists, guided tours, short presentations, lectures, seminars, symposia, and interactive and online projects.


For whom are the Eduaction programmes intended?

The Eduaction programmes are intended for all visitors – from preschool children to visitors in the third age of life; from those who are visiting the museum for the first time, to experts in the field of the arts. We provide programmes for children who have come in the company of adults – parents, guardians and educators – and programs for adults themselves, which in no way exclude children. Lifelong learning isn’t disconcerting. We are dedicated to including all visitors, addressing the needs of visitors with disabilities, and making the museum accessible to all.


What is our objective?

Our objective is to support your creativity, empower your imagination, ignite your curiosity and encourage your desire to acquire new knowledge. We also hope that you will share these experiences with us. In our Eduaction programmes we want to enable and facilitate your understanding and enjoyment of contemporary art. We don’t just want to lecture about beauty and the beautiful; we want to actively collaborate with you to relate critically and inquisitively to the environment, from one’s own back yard to the world that surrounds us.

How does one get involved in the Eduaction programmes?

You can easily participate in our Eduaction programmes by applying via our email address, or telephone 385 (1) 605 2700 or fax +385 (1) 605 27 98

The curators of the education department and our associates who engage in work with us will do their very best to make your stay in the museum enjoyable and rewarding, so that you can hardly wait for the next Eduaction programme.

Participation in the Eduaction programmes is completely free. For some of the programmes, due to constraints on the number of people who can take part, it is necessary to apply in advance.


What are our regular programmes?

Accents from Collection in Motion Guided Tours

For groups visiting the exhibition Collection in Motion, we provide regular guided tours of highlights from the collection, called Accents from Collection in Motion. Tours begin at 1 p.m. and 5 p.m. and last 45 minutes. If you would like to schedule a tour in English, please notify us in advance.

From My Angle

From My Angle is a programme in which young assistants in the Eduaction programme guide younger visitors through the exhibition Collection in Motion. From their own individual point of view, they select a few works from the exhibition that they like or don’t like and talk informally about their own experience of these art works, trying to elicit a reaction, debate or heated discussion from the younger visitors. The From My Angle tour lasts 30 minutes.

You can schedule a guided tour by applying for the programme Mojim očima/From My Angle at

Thematic Strolls

Each Saturday at 3 p.m. you can explore the Collection in Motion exhibition with an artist, critic or curator. They will choose topics that particularly intrigue them, opening up discussions about particular issues in contemporary art, such as: Why do contemporary artists use such radical approaches in their art?, humour and wit in contemporary art, the weirdest works in the display, the most controversial works in the display, and so on. We believe that this kind of conversation with professional artists or art professionals will help clarify many of the secrets and myths related to contemporary art, and thus enhance your enjoyment of the exhibition. Thematic strolls last 30 minutes.

Guided tours of the temporary exhibitions

For groups of visitors, guided tours of temporary exhibitions are provided at 12 noon and 4 p.m., and they last 45 minutes. If you would like to schedule a tour in English, please notify us in advance.

The audio-guide Akcenti/Highlights (in Croatian and English)

For individual visitors, we provide audio guides in Croatian and English. The audio guide Akcenti/Highlights focuses on 133 works from the exhibition Collection in Motion, providing you with concise and interesting interpretative accounts prepared by MSU curators and critics who collaborate with MSU. Visiting Collection in Motion with an audio guide allows you to explore at your own pace. With the push of a button, you can instantly access expert information about a work of art that intrigues you, and a self-guided walk through the exhibition space provides an interesting media experience.

Audio guide hire costs 10 kuna.

New Focus

Every Wednesday at 3 p.m., curators and assistants of Eduaction prepare a ten-minute New Focus talk about an artwork from the MSU collection that has not been illuminated in the Highlights audio guide. These short accounts are designed to complement to the guide, enabling the constant mobility and change that is suggested by the exhibition title Collection in Motion.

Intermezzo Class

Consultations, meetings, and lectures for teachers, instructors, and professors, who are important mediators between schools and the museum, occur regularly during the week, Monday to Friday, from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. All questions and suggestions related to our collaboration with educational institutions can be sent by email to or you can simply join us during the Intermezzo Class hour.

We are also happy to visit your institution by appointment.


To make the museum more accessible to visitors with disabilities and to provide access that connect all visitors, we have collaborated with several individuals and associations.

Every first Thursday of the month, in collaboration with Dodir, the Croatian Association of the Deaf and Blind, we have provided a guided tour with Croatian sign language for the hearing impaired. With prior notice and according to the individual needs of visitors, we can also provide special tours for persons with visual and/or hearing impairments.

In collaboration with the Theatre of the Blind and the New Life association of Zagreb, our audio-guides in English and Croatian have been adapted to the needs of blind and visually impaired persons. The Zagreb Association of Physically Disabled is helping us to adapt our programmes and premises to the needs of persons with physical disabilities so as to provide them equal opportunities for enjoying contemporary art.

We are happy to receive proposals and expert assistance from similar associations, institutions and individuals. We invite you to help us to make our programmes more interesting and accessible to all our visitors.

It’s Worst at Home

Every Saturday and Sunday in our educational area called Školica on the ground floor of the building, we organise creative workshops and playrooms for children, in which parents, guardians and other relatives can also participate. "It’s worst at home," said the celebrated satirist Ephraim Kishon, and we tend to agree, so come along to Školica. Our workshops are led by pleasant and experienced adults: artists, theatre and art teachers, dancers, musicians, puppeteers and magicians.

Saturday: 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Sunday: 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

What special programmes do we have?

Mobile Museum – Outreach

With the Hit the Road programme, we hope to reach people who cannot visit the museum because of various circumstances in their lives: sickness, old age, poverty, ethnic discrimination and so on. Our teams of artists, actors, musicians, dancers and museum educators travel outside the museum, to wherever we want to contribute to a better understanding of others and encourage respect and tolerance. In this way, we continue our programmes in which we combine creativity and solidarity. In short, we want to contribute to a feeling that we are necessary to each other, and that we are not alone.


This is a forum for future art professionals – those in the fine arts, the theatre, film and media, photographers and designers, artists and musicians – a place at where they can get together and exchange information and ideas, create programmes, exhibitions, roundtables, seminars, host and present the work of fellow artists from abroad, and even make guest appearances abroad. In short, they are preparing themselves for their future profession. This programme is created by the young for the young.

If art is your calling, come join our forums for young artists-in-progress at Eduaction. Contact:

The Non-Stop Museum

Distance learning and the Internet have become part of our everyday reality. Online access to museum collections enables the doors of the museum to be open 24 hours a day. You can now visit the Museum, its collections, its individual departments and exhibitions from your own home, at any time – day or night. We are even planning online courses about contemporary art that might help you become your very own curator or gallerist.

No Speed Limit

The Adventures of Vito and Nada is the name of our first interactive CD ROM, intended for younger audiences, and specially designed to accompany our Richter Collection (Donation of Vjenceslav and Nada Kareš Richter). Vito and Nada and their adventures learning about and discovering art are now accessible online at the Museum’s web site. Big and little visitors of the website,, will learn about the work of the versatile artist and architect Vjenceslav Richter through games and creative excercises. And after your curiosity has been piqued by these discoveries, you can visit the Richter Collection at its physical address in Zagreb, Vrhovec 38.

Volunteer Programme

I love, you love, we love MSU meandering!

Do you have a few hours of free time a week and want to spend them creatively and give them to others? Then why not spend them with MSU visitors? If you want to become part of the dynamic Eduaction team and you are at least 17 years old, then apply to the museum volunteer programme at We will prepare you to guide visitors through the exhibition Collection in Motion and the temporary exhibitions and to work with many other Eduaction programmes. We are grateful to you for your trust and promise that an inside look will provide you with a new and exciting vision of contemporary art and the Museum. Let’s meander together!

Head of the Eduaction Project

Nada Beroš

Museum of Contemporary Art

Avenija Dubrovnik 17

10000 Zagreb; Croatia

Tel: +385 1 605 27 00


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