The Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb


Conservation and Restoration Department

The Conservation and Restoration Department at MSU was founded in 1999. Its main tasks are the preventive protection, conservation and restoration of works of art, as well as research on various materials, techniques, and technologies applied in the making of MSU collections.

Since artworks in the Museum's holdings are largely made of non-standard materials, the Conservation and Restoration Department is also involved in investigating new materials and their characteristics, thus complementing the traditional methods of protection, conservation, and restoration with new techniques. Because of the various needs that arise in the process of restoring and preserving artworks belonging to the field of contemporary art, the Conservation Department cooperates with various institutions. Thus, chemical analyses are performed in the physical and chemical laboratory of the Croatian Conservation Institute, while disinfestation and various types of analyses are performed in cooperation with the Ruđer Bošković Institute.

In addition to its task of preserving the Museum's holdings, the Conservation Department participates in various projects by preparing artworks for transportation and exhibitions.

The Conservation and Restoration Department also collects scholarly literature from the field of contemporary art restoration, thus building up a departmental library within the library of MSU. Our additional tasks include training restoration experts and participating in conferences and workshops on contemporary art restoration.

Mirta Pavić, BFA (painting) and graphic artist, senior conservator-restorer e-mail:

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