The Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb


Culture 2007-2013 Programme – Possibilities of Collaboration

At the forum on "Culture 2007-2013 Programme - Possibilities of Collaboration," held at the Mimara Museum, Snježana Pintarić, director of MSU, presented the model of successful cooperation between our museum and T-HT company on the example of annual contest.

Apart from, which has been recognized as successful both by the public and by the artworld, collaboration with T-HT has also produced an interactive CD entitled "Adventures of Vito and Nada," which has used an innovative approach in order to bring the art of Vjenceslav Richter, as well as the Richter Collection, which has been entrusted to our Museum, closer to primary-school children. We believe that such examples indicate the direction of our future cooperation with business companies that recognize the importance of investing in art as an aspect of socially responsible trade.


The aim of the Forum was also to promote productive partnership between cultural institutions and economic resources, as well as constructive uses of the financial aid offered by the European Union. Apart from the representatives of the business sector, who have been investing in culture through sponsorships and donations, the Forum has presented several other examples of successful sponsorships in the domain of museums, introduced by Vesna Kusin, director of Klovićevi Dvori, and Vesna Jurić Bulatović, deputy director of the Museum of Arts and Crafts.

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