The Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb


Tošo Dabac

An extended edition of the book from 1994, published on the occasion of Dabac's exhibition in Paris, within the Month of Photography at Grande Halle de la Villette (26 October - 6 November, 1992).

The book contains reproductions of 146 black-and-white photographs by Tošo Dabac from his cycle on People in the Street, produced in the period between 1932 and the early 1940s. This brilliant photo-series was at first entitled Misery and immediately attracted the attention of both local and international public, remaining his best known achievement until today as a visual lyrical chronicle of life in Zagreb, as Marina Benažić, director of the Archive, has observed in her contribution to the book.

Authors of texts include Peter Knapp, Želimir Koščević, Petar Dabac, and Marina Benažić. English, German, and French translations are included.

Digitalization and editing of negatives: Boris Cvjetanović

Graphic design: Tajana Zver

Publisher: Museum of Contemporary Art (MSU), Tošo Dabac Archive.

Editors: Marina Benažić and Daniela Bilopavlović Bedenik

ISBN: 978-953-7615-05-5

The publication was supported by the Ministry of Culture f the Republic of Croatia and the City of Zagreb, City Office for Education, Culture and Sports.

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