The Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb

Collection in Motion

Outdoor projects

Projects in the external space of the Museum are an integral part of Collection in Motion and are located in the outdoor areas of the Museum - on access terraces, on the roof, beneath the wings of the building, and elsewhere.

Some are huge and loud, while others are discreet and self-effacing. Here we shall only name and locate them, so that none of them can escape your attention. They include the sculpture by the Polish artist Mirosław Balka, Eyes of Purification, on the southern access platform; the interactive installation-sculpture by the German artist Carsten Höller, Double Slide, connectingall the storeys of the northern wing of the building; the neon installation Words, Neons, and Balloons, by Croatian artist Ante Jerković, in the light-well in the northern wing of the building; the neon object Artist at Work, by the Croatian media artist Dalibor Martinis, on the roof of the southern wing of the building; and the audio-installation Battlefield, by the Croatian media artist Antun Božićević, on the roof-top terrace of the Museum.

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