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Fire Bird Still Exercises Its Magic Power

The new issue of Art Quarterly features a whole-page advertisement by Sotheby's, in which the auction house offers counselling in regard to inheritance taxation, private sale of valuables, and other services.

One of the illustrations in that advertisement is the famous poster Žar ptica / Petruška (Fire Bird) by Boris Bućan, originally made in 1983 for the Croatian National Theatre in Split.

Boris Bućan has stated that he has no information about his poster actually appearing at a Sotheby's auction. Nevertheless, it is significant that the London auction house has recognized the artistic and communicational value of the poster and selected it for one of its advertisements.

The Fire Bird is also part of MSU's collection Collections in Motion, in its unit on Art as Life. The magic power of the poster and its artist, who once changed the understanding and the use of this way of addressing the public in our region, clearly shows that his imaginative and innovative art has not lost its freshness and continues to fascinate the observer with its chromaticity, richness of association, wit, symbolism, and graphic refinement.

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