The Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb


MSU Zagreb wins the National Distinction for extraordinary contribution to culture

On 28 January, Stjepan Mesić, President of Croatia, handed in medals and distinctions for special contributions in the fields of Croatian science, medicine, economy, culture, and arts, for humanitarian work and achievement in sports, as well as development of international cooperation and free media.

Mr President emphasized that the distinctions were very different, but they all reflected extraordinary achievements: "Your contribution to the common good is a positive example of perseverance, diligence, self-sacrifice and honest work." He also said that for some time "our public space has been placing an accent on various bad examples, as if negativities would prevail over cases of success and excellence," adding that there were always those who knew how to overcome difficulties and negativities. They were also willing to invest their knowledge, talents, and efforts in the common good and progress in their domains, which Croatia now needed more than ever. The President also said that today, regardless of certain difficulties in development, Croatia was a stable country of advanced democracy, with an increasingly advantageous basis for developing science, culture, and arts.

Miroslav Radman thanked President Mesić in the name of all who received the distinction, saying that it was a true gift for scientists and artists, since they were actually "working for joy and for their dreams, but every now and then something great and useful comes our way."

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