The Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb


Around 33 Thousand People Visited MSU in the Museum Night

The whole evening rivers of people were streaming from the crossroads of Dubrovnik and Većeslav Holjevac Avenues into MSU. Even the largest museum in Croatia could not receive so many visitors at once, since care had to be taken about the security of the visitors and the artworks alike.

Eventually everybody managed to enter. Events included the Exhibition in Motion, the retrospective of Aleksandar Srnec, installation K13 by Zlatko Kopljar, and others. T-shirts designed by Studio Cuculić and featuring motifs from the 1980s issues of Polet were presented on the ground floor of the Museum. Mio Vesović, Sven Semenčić, Branko Kostelnik, and Tihomir Milovac, protagonists of the Age of New Wave, when the legendary journal was breaking the limits imposed upon the freedom of expression and public communication, spoke about those times. Several artists talked to the visitors in various galleries of the Museum and academic painter Ivan Kožarić was making and distributing drawings in his atelier. Later in the evening, there was a concert of Bambi Molesters, who thrilled the visitors of all ages.

Visitor turnstiles counted some 33 thousand people who passed through the building that night obviously, the first museum in Zagreb ever built on the other side of River Sava has become the place to visit. Unfortunately, because of the huge crowd that stormed the Double Toboggan, art installation by Carsten Höller, the toboggans had to be closed around 10:30 for security reasons. But we would like to remind our visitors that entry to the Museum is free on the first Wednesday every month and all those who missed sliding down the toboggan can do so in three days.

It was a night to remember for Croatian culture it seemed as if the entire city was streaming into its museums. When a couple of teenagers managed to enter MSU after some waiting, the boy said: Imagine, we just entered history. He may not have been aware of how true his words were.

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