The Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb


Snježana Pintarić, director of MSU, participates at an international conference in Budapest about the future of museums

On 12 February, a conference entitled Challenges and Possibilities: The Strategy of the Museum of Fine Art took place at the Hungarian Academy of Science in Budapest. A dozen experts on museums from Hungary, Spain, and Croatia spoke about the future of the profession, including Snježana Pintarić, director of MSU Zagreb. In her paper entitled „The New Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb and Its New Life,“ she presented the new building of MSU, with a particular emphasis on its present role in the cultural life of Zagreb and Croatia. She also spoke of her experience with working in the new building and the activities of the Museum at its new location, as well as the urban and social context of MSU and its involvement in the life of the city district that has become its home. In accordance with the general topic of the conference, Ms Pintarić commented on the challenges and possibilities that the museum experts are facing today and presented the future strategy of MSU Zagreb in that framework.

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