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NEW: Creative Origami

Course on creative origami in November!

Origami (from Japanese ori - folding, and kami – paper) is the traditional Japanese art of paper folding. It started in the 17th century and was popularized outside Japan in the 1950s. While traditional origami followed strict rules, starting mainly from rectangles and was limited in number of creations, modern origami starts from various paper arts in different geometric shapes, folding them into countless simple and complex sculptular forms, without cutting or gluing. Today origami explores new possibilities of expression in art, design and architecture, provides new ideas in science, makes an essential element of many inventions, is unavoidable in the shaping of the modern world. Often used as a therapeutical aid, origami is also popular in charity events and peacekeeping activities.

Try out a new art and join CREATIVE ORIGAMI in the Museum of Contemporary Art. Through monthly eduaction you will learn basic origami techniques, traditional and modern folds, basic reading and drawing origami diagrams and crease patterns. Origami is also a fun and relaxing way to create presents or decorations.

CREATIVE ORIGAMI starts beginning November and lasts the whole month. The course will be held on Thursdays from 17.30 till 19.00 in the Green Room of the Museum of Contemporary Art.

The course fee is HRK 200 + VAT. Minimum number of attendants for the start of the course is fifteen.

Apply promptly online at or phone 01/ 605 2700.

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