The Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb



An invitation to participate in the progress of the artwork A Pile of Past Times.

Museum of Contemporary Art and Ivan Ladislav Galeta invite you to stop for a moment and pile up your old, broken and frozen clocks, alarm-clocks, wall clocks, wrist watches, digitals, striking clocks, with hands, without hands, with or without battery…because the past doesn’t concern you anymore.

By doing so you will participate in the creation of a new art work, A pile of past times, which was presented this year at the exhibition ''Zero Point Landscape'' exhibited with the works of Ivan Ladislav Galeta that question time and its relativity (Reversed time, Sliding time, Inclined time… )

Every visitor that brings a clock or a watch can register it in the Donation notebook.

Additional information:; tel. (01) 605 2735

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