The Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb


Atelier Kožarić/Kožarić Studio; "Call for Action", Zoran Pavelić, and "Sleeping Beetwen Heaven and Earth", Kata Mijatović

Performance: Zoran Pavelić, Call for action: 16h-18h
Video: Kata Mijatović, Sleeping Beetwin Heaven and Earth : 11h-18h

With constant needs to cross over existing boundaries and out of assign framework, the artist Ivan Kožarić often inspires his fellow artists. Inspired by Kožarić's life and art, under the common denominator a Call for action, artists Kata Mijatović and Zoran Pavelić will be presented int he Kožarić's Studio.

16-18h Zoran Pavelić, "Call for Action"

Zoran Pavelić's Call for action consists of sewveral segments: the action of 200 badges, the performance Reading Kožarić's sentences Upside-Down, and the presentation of the self-published artistic book-A Book for an Artist/To Enlarge Kožarić 200 Times/.
Wisitors will be invited at the entrance of the studio with the sound of chime mounted squeegees-redy made wich Zoran Pavelić designed for this action. To the visitors, the artist will give the badges in the same numbers as the numbers of photographs reproductions int he book A Book for an Artist/To Enlarge Kožarić 200 Times/, wich can be viewed at the entrance to the studio Kožarić. Photograph reproduced on the badges and in the book is a taken press-photo from the year 1993. The photograph represent Kožarić's action - digging a hole in the yard of the Beck Gallery, in wich he then exhibit the garbage cans.
Inspired by a 'ceremonial talk', a series of sentences/voices with no real meaning, with wich Kožarić's this summer welcomed the guests-participants of the event Friends for Kožarić, organized during the exhibition Over the line, on the upper floor of the Studio, Zoran Pavelić will perform Reading Kožarić's Sentences Upside-Down. Pavelić's performance continues on his previous works and actions inspired by this charismatic artist.

11h-18h Kata Mijatović, "Sleeping Beetwen Heaven and Earth"

In Kožarić Studio, visitors will be able to watch the video Sleeping Between Heaven and Earth, arose from video documentation of the same name titled performance in which the artist Kata Mijatović, on the 23th of August 2010., intervened on a Ivan Kožarić's sculpture The Shape of Space, which is located in the outdoor courtyard of the Museum of Contemporary Art. From midnight until the next morning the artist slept in the sculpture (which is reminiscent of the elegant and exclusive bed). The performance is inspired by Ivan Kožarić’s interpretation, according which, the sculpture The Shape of Space is realized as the relationship between the heaven and the earth. Starting from this interpretation and the claim that between these two basic physical and metaphysical elements, our existence is placed, sleeping in Kožarić’s sculpture exceeds the physical dimension of performance, and puts at the first plan a privileged stay in immaterial, universal space of Kožarić’s art, even in the art in general. The choice of a sleep as a form of staying in The Shape Space was motivated by Kata Mijatović's work with dreams in which, to put it simply, the life functions like a dream that takes place between the heaven and the earth, while the sleeping put in this context, is a 'shape' of our stay on earth.

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