The Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb



Become friends of the Museum of Contemporary Art!

Come to MSU as many times as you like, alone or in good company. Enter the world of contemporary art and the life of the Museum, visit the permanent display and temporary exhibitions, take part in many accompanying programs and guided tours, attend lectures, workshops, talks and meetings with artists and curators.

Do not lag behind time. Be in sync with contemporary art!

Select one of MSU Friends categories. They offer an open relationship between you and MSU's artworks and many different benefits.

MSU individually – select: I FEEL PART OF THE UNIVERSE

MSU for students and senior citizens – select: THE RIGHT TO DIFFERENCE

MSU in good company or with a family – select: DOUBLE SLIDE

MSU for everyone who wants to know more – select: ORANGE EXTENSION

MSU patrons – select: I LEAVE TRACES

Additional information on MSU Friends can be found in the enclosed flyer or by sending an inquiry to

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