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The fifth consecutive T-HT exhibition represents a selection of recent artworks that often display experimental characteristics, combine different media, and question the very idea of art.

Among a variety of themes and categories in this year’s selection of artworks, we can easily identify those that are concerned with experimental material/media and emphasize the creative process, and those that critically investigate social reality through the use of different social and anthropological methodologies.

The T-HT LAB is the name for a program of workshops that experiment with different materials outside traditional artistic production. Their material characteristics and correlations result in unconventional works on the border between science and art; thus, the participants become artists/scientists and the space of creation becomes a laboratory. The name T-HT LAB also applies to a series of conversations with artists who in their works explore certain social phenomena through different methods of reality and environmental research, creating what we can call a ''laboratory of thoughts''. Through themes such as gender discrimination, social marginalization of an individual or a group, collective memory loss and a struggle for bare existence, artists initiate critical thinking, questioning their own position in the given moment.

Even though the products of experiments often stay deeply buried in laboratories, the results of T-HT LAB workshops will be exhibited in the Museum lobby during the last weekend of the exhibition.


Wednesday, February 29th 2012
Guidance through the exhibition T-HT
Exhibition space, at 5pm
Guided by the exhibition curator, Vladimir Čajkovac, the audience will have an opportunity to explore this year’s selection of contemporary visual artworks that are competing for the T-HT award. They will discover the main ideas for the positioning and grouping of different works in the exhibition space. This information will probably help the audience vote for the best artist. The artist with the most votes will get an audience award of 15 000 kunas.

Thursday, March 1st 2012
Program ‘’Access’’: guidance for persons with impaired hearing (with sign language translation)
Exhibition space, at 5pm
Guide: Vladimir Čajkovac, exhibition curator
Professional guidance through the exhibition T-HT for persons with impaired hearing with a sign language translation from the Association of the Deaf and Blind (Dodir).

Saturday, March 3rd 2012
Workshops for the Youngest: DO IT YOURSELF
Off school, from 1pm until 3pm
Age: 5 – 10
The work of the artist Nikolina Ivezić, exhibited in T-HT, is a series of different social themes taken from a Croatian social and political reality presented in the form of a children's colouring book. In this workshop inspired by the work of Ivezić, younger children will together create their own giant colouring book. The content of their book, however, will be opposite that of the artist, as the children will create scenes of what they imagine to be a perfect, fantasy world. The children will work in pairs and give each other instructions about colouring their ''worlds''.
The workshops are free of charge. Workshop coordinator: Petra Srbljinović, art historian. Application is possible until Friday March 2nd at 4pm by e-mail: or telephone: 01 605 2700.

Wednesday, March 7th 2012
A Dialog with an Artist: Dina Rončević
Exhibition space, at 5pm
The day before International Women's Day, the public can participate in a dialog with the artist Dina Rončević, whose exhibited work Četverotaktni continues the artist's project of exploring gender discrimination by choosing to become a licensed auto mechanic during her final year as an art student. In our dialog we will engage the question of gender in different occupations and compare a woman’s position in the world of auto mechanics in relation to that in the art profession.

Thursday, March 8th 2012
Program 60+: Guidance through the exhibition for people over 60 years of age
Exhibition space, at 5pm
Guide: Nada Beroš, Head of the Educational Department
Guidance is a part of the program Wintergreen Film Club, which offers people over 60 years of age and people with disabilities a specially selected movie and a tour through the current exhibition every month for the special price of 10kn.

Thursday, March 8th 2012
Gorgona Theatre, at 6pm
For International Women's Day the Wintergreen Film Club is screening the French movie Trophy Wife and a guided visit to the exhibition T-HT
Trophy Wife, comedy, France, 2010, 103'. Cast: Catherine Deneuve, Gérard Depardieu i Fabrice Luchini.
The “trophy wife” is a middle-aged woman, Suzanne Pujol, played by Cathrine Deneuve, wife of a factory owner in a French provincial town. When the women working at the factory go on strike and capture her husband, Suzanne becomes a surprisingly competent businesswoman.
Attention! The Museum closes at 6pm. Plan enough time to visit the exhibition before the screening.
This special offer includes groups of pupils and French language and literature students as well as groups from Foreign Language Schools.

Saturday, March 10th 2012
Off school, from 1pm until 3pm
Age: 8 – 15
Modular Sculpture in the exhibition T-HT, a work by the artist Dražen Vitolović,
expresses the idea of work of art as an object of great aesthetic value while at the same time very practical and multifunctional. The workshop Amazing Sculpture will show what modular sculpture is and how it differs from ordinary sculpture by adding organic shapes formed from construction foam poured in plastic bottles. Using the plastic bottles as a tool for the workshop, we will initiate a conversation about recycling, the possibilities of this material, and the negative consequences of its improper disposal. The workshops are free of charge. Workshop coordinator: Petra Böhm, art historian. Application is possible until Friday March 9th at 4pm by e-mail: or telephone: 01 605 2700.

Wednesday, March 14th 2012
A Dialog with Artists: Nikolina Ivezić and Pavle Pavlović
Exhibition space, at 5pm
In the work Pozdrav iz Hrvatske, artist Nikolina Ivezić tries to ironically criticise the society we live in and themes like unemployment, demonstrations, and violence in the form of children’s simplified drawings. The artist sends unfinished drawings to her colleagues and friends who complete the scenes, leaving their own commentary on the content.
In the painting Tragedies Blow at Horizon, Pavle Pavlović dwells upon the anomalies and deviations of contemporary consumer society, representing it as a gloomy atmosphere of alienation and imminent tragedy.

Thursday, March 15th 2012
Workshop: Contemporary Origami – Revealing the Unknown Dimension
Off school, from 5pm until 7pm
Age: from 15
Anyone who has ever shaped paper and tried to explain the steps to someone else knows that such a process often relies on intuition. The intuitive experience of transforming the dimension of written instructions into the dimension of form mimics the appearance of an animated tesseract model. A mystical sensation of a new experience of space is offered by the challenges of creating modern origami art.
The workshops are free of charge. Workshop coordinator: Sanja Srbljinović Čuček, origami art promoter. Application is possible until Wednesday March 14th at 4pm by e-mail: or telephone: 01 605 2700.

Saturday, March 17th 2012.
Off school, from 1pm until 3pm
Age: 8 – 15
In the work Roşu / kao krv, artist Silvio Vujičić presents an installation composed of a white curtain and a mechanism that pumps and sprays red paint, dying the curtain slowly during the exhibition. The red paint is taken from a particular sort of female louse from Mexico that feeds on a specific kind of cactus plant. The slow filling of the fabric with paint is called capillarity, and it’s the same process that plants use to take water from the ground to send to each part of the plant.
In this workshop we will use fabric capillarity to create interesting, slowly appearing pictures. We will collage fabric onto paper and dip the ends of the fabric into paint. After few days, our pictures will no longer be white, but painted. They will be displayed in the small exhibition of T-HT LAB works during the final weekend of the exhibition.
The workshops are free of charge. Workshop coordinator: Marijeta Karlović, art historian. Application is possible until Friday March 16th at 4pm by e-mail: or telephone: 01 605 2700.

Wednesday, March 21st 2012
A Dialog with Artists: Zlatan Vehabović and Kristina Lenard
Exhibition space, at 5pm
In a half-hour conversation with the artists Kristina Lenard and Zlatan Vehabović, we will discover the ideas behind the selection of media and themes in their rather different artworks.
Kristina Lenard’s Landscapes is part of a series of artworks inspired by nature and plant life presented artificially in a manipulated scene that explores the natural cycle of life and transfers it to the gallery space.
In his work, Zlatan Vehabović creates an atmosphere of feeling lost and alone after the end of a relationship through the traditional media of oil on canvas and the triptych form.

Friday, March 23rd 2012
Off school, from 3pm until 5pm
Age: 8 – 15
In Vladimir Frelih’s video SMAK Gent, we watch as workers paint white an abstract artwork by the artist Katarina Grosse at the end of an exhibition. The death of her artwork initiates the creation of the video, and therefore of a new work of art.
By mixing the colours for food in milk participants of this workshop can make beautiful, colourful abstract pictures, but they will not be able to keep them. Instead, we will photograph and print each picture and then cut them into different shapes to collage into a new artwork. This way, participants will create a new work of art by destroying an old one, just like Frelih in his video.
The workshops are free of charge. Workshop coordinator: Ana Vrbanić, Art History student. Application is possible until Friday March 22nd at 4pm by e-mail: or telephone: 01 605 2700.

Friday, March 23rd 2012
From 8pm
The official jury will grant three awards in the amount of 75 000kn, 70 000kn and 65 000kn and the best works will become a part of the Museum collection. The fourth award of 15 000kn is decided by the votes that were collected from the audience during the exhibition. One of the visitors who voted will be awarded a Planet9 e-book reader.

Saturday, March 24th 2012 and Sunday March 25th 2012
During the last weekend of the exhibition we will present the results of four workshops in the Museum lobby. Participants of the workshops, inspired by the artworks presented in the exhibition, experimented with different materials and made various nonconventional objects such as sculptures from construction foam, paintings from fabric dipped in paint, giant colouring books, origami tesseract forms and photo collages of abstract milk paintings.
Enjoy their works in the exhibition → T-HT LAB.

Petra Böhm
Vladimir Čajkovac
Marijeta Karlović

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