The Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb



May 18th from 11AM till 10PM

Permanent display, from 11 to 20:00/Written in Water
At 16:00 the exhibition author and curator, Nada Beroš, will guide visitors through Written in Water, which is “an exhibition within an exhibition” inside the display Collection in Motion.

MSU entrance hall, from 11 to 22:00
The scent of rain in Balthazar City

The celebrated inventor, Professor Balthazar, will meet young, eager children in the MSU entrance hall and teach them more about water, which appears in all forms in the playful environment and scenography of Balthazar City.
Special thanks to the Association Professor Balthazar.

Školica, from 11 to 19:00
Story of Water
, an exhibition of artworks created by children and youth about the theme of water during the workshops at MSU.
In collaboration with children from Children’s Village Lekenik.
Guides: Morana Matković, Petra Böhm i Marijeta Karlović

South plateau in front of MSU, from 17:00 onward
MuZEjKO and creek

Creative open-air workshops: painting a thirty-meter stream
With the participation of youth from Association Our Children, Donja Stubica. Guide: Krešimir Bauer.
Special thanks to the Museum of Water.

Školica, from 19 to 19:30
Droplet and Stone
, theatrical performance for children and adults, performed by Puppet Theater LET.
How do droplets of water dissolve stone and create caves? How do stalagmites and stalactites form? We will find out in this delightful shadow performance in which all is magical, mysterious, and wet.
This is the story of water droplets and calcite crystals, which together create unusual landscape–rock or rubble¬–from limestone, and the performance itself came about thanks to the picture books of Damir Lacković, Head Curator of the Croatian Natural History Museum of Zagreb, and illustrator Trpimir Vedriš.
Special thanks to Puppet Theater LET and the Croatian Natural History Museum of Zagreb.

Metropolis Theater, 17:30
Animated film “Cloud Story”, from the series Professor Balthazar

One of the episodes from the celebrated series Professor Balthazar in which a character says one word–and that word is WATER! Find out why!

South plateau in front of MSU, from 20-20:30
Which is louder–a didgeridoo or a waterfall?

The traditional Aboriginal instrument didgeridoo has its own skilled musicians even in Croatia. Listen to the sound of this large, unusual instrument–for which the masters of playing learn circular breathing, just like water, which continually flows–around the hidden but noisy sculpture-fountain by sculptor Mirosław Bałka on the south platform of the Museum.
Special thanks to Dubravko Lapaine (didgeridoo solo) and the Didgiland association.

South plateau in front of MSU, 20:30 to 21:00
Water and ice in outer space

Commentary with visual presentation: Ante Radonić, Head of the Technical Museum Planetarium
Let’s find out something about the possibility of a hidden ocean beneath the crust of Jupiter’s and Saturn’s moons.

South plateau in front of MSU, from 21 to 22:00
Canals on Mars? Ice on Saturn?

Observation of planets with the help of telescopes and members of Beskraj Astronomy Association and the forum of the portal will reveal to us the truth and misconceptions “about planets of water” and “planets without water.” Although you haven’t fallen from Mars, surely you will be interested in what “polar caps” are and what “canals” are on this planet, and what the “fingers of ice” of always intriguing Saturn are. Find out first hand by conversing with our astronomers.
The observation will be canceled on account of cloudy weather.
Special thanks to the members of Beskraj Astronomy Association and the forum.

TIDE (music, dance, and visuals) from 21:00 onwards on the south plateau
Dress appropriately for surfing, skating, singing, dancing, playing instruments, painting, and other activities in which you can actively participate…
Contact us before May 15th with your own suggestions by email: or telephone: 01 605 27 18

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