The Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb


New: Summer Programs for Tourists and Local Visitors

This summer we are starting new educational programs aimed primarily at groups of visitors from abroad.

Do You Speak Contemporary Art?

In the guided tours of the permanent display of MSU, which we call “Do You Speak Contemporary Art?”, visitors will walk through unavoidable places, artistic actions and works that speak the specific language of contemporary art–for which we sometimes need a translator or interpreter.
We all agree that to understand language we must first learn vocabulary, so during this tour, a kind of course on the language of contemporary art, we will place special emphasis on the interpretation of terms such as ready-made, installation, interaction, video installation, performance, action, happening, agitation, conceptual art… Don’t be afraid of the seriousness and technicality of these terms, because our young art historians and educators will approach them in an interesting way and introduce you to a new way of looking at contemporary art that you could hardly imagine before visiting MSU.
Guided tours, for at least five interested visitors, can be conducted in English, German, Italian, Slovak or Croatian. A reservation is required. Please contact us by email at or telephone at +385 1 605 27 00.
The price for museum entry and a guided tour for adults, seniors, and students is 30 kuna; for children under 15: 15 kuna.

A View of the Collection from Outside—From the American School

Saturdays, from July 14 to August 25, 2012
From 17 to 18:00
Over the summer months, at 17:00 on Saturdays, Elaine Ritchel, a young American art historian, will lead interested visitors through the Collection in Motion. The program is intended for tourists, English-speaking visitors, and all who are interested in the interpretation of contemporary art. By prior agreement, the session can be customized to address your needs.
Having worked several months as a volunteer at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Elaine is well acquainted with the MSU collection and with contemporary Croatian art. Visitors will have the opportunity to experience the interpretive methods used in the American museums where Elaine studied and worked, which she will imaginatively and innovatively apply in the interpretation of works in the Collection in Motion.

Group tours are for at least 5 interested visitors. For more information contact us at or call (01) 605 27 00. Price for museum entry and tour: Adults: 30 kuna; Children under 15: 15 kuna.
On the August 11th 2012 there will be no guided tour available.

If you are interested in a private tour with a native-English speaker and art historian, Elaine Ritchel, please contact or (01) 605 27 00. Price for museum entry and tour: 200 kn.

Summer Birthday Parties for Children in Our Camp

Summer birthdays can be a nightmare! Especially for children whose birthdays “fall” during the summer holiday when most of their friends and peers have moved to another part of the world, the sea, the mountains, the country…
There is, however, a cool place that will truly provide freshness and shade: the big white tent in our Little School, in the air-conditioned educational space of MSU. You can find out how to camp and celebrate a “summer” birthday on our webpage, Camping at MSU, or by email: or telephone: (01) 605 27 00. Please reserve a time slot. Parties are held Saturday and Sunday afternoons. We can also organize parties in English.

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