The Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb


"The Valley of her sufferings"

Gorgona Hall at 8 PM.

The performance presents the stories of women and girls from the region of Balkans (Kosovo , Croatia and BiH) which were used as an instrument of war during the wars and conflicts in the region. The stories are true: they tell us the crimes, the missing ones, love and friendships in times of war and the strength to continue their life for themselves and the others. By listening to their stories we will have the opportunity to face the recent past; relive the present and hope for forgiveness in the future.
The performance is based in true stories presented in the Books “Women’s side of story” from ZuC and “Stories of Horror 1998 - 1999” by Sanije Gashi.

“The stories are part of our shared history in the Balkans. Listening to these women's experiences gives us an opportunity to talk about and deal with what happened during the wars, to face the past. It allows us to transform us today and hope that we in the future can forgive each other for what happened, says Zana Hoxha Krasniqi.

The stories were selected on the basis that they show different sides of what took place. They show the various crimes committed against women and girls such as deportation, massacres of families, rape and physical violence.
The performance is produced by Center for development of Arts – ARTPOLIS and is supported by Kvinna till Kvinna, that there was a Balkan tour and appeared over 20 times in Kosovo, then in Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro, and now in Croatia.

Performance is in Albanian language with subtitles in Croatian.
Free admission.

Reservations recommended at e-mail:

Directed by: Zana Hoxha Krasniqi
Actors: Anisa Ismajli, Egzona Ademi, Dardana Mehmeti
Vocal: Elbenita Kajtazi
Ass. Director: Pajtim Morina
Lights and sound design: Skender Latifi

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