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Time Display / Seamless Display

MSU, 7:00 PM

Time Display / Seamless Display

I'll start from my book about curating where I built a dialogue with old generation of curators and I realized the central role of display. From there I addressed my work as curator focusing the idea of an extended display, where the context is very important to define it. In connection with this, the relation with architecture becomes very important as well.
In my work the display is flexible, as the result of a discussion with artists and the negotiation with the social and urban context where the show will be realized.
So, my shows has very often the structure of events. As an event is something temporary that happens in a precise place and time, they are not timeless display.
In that sense, they are not related with the present history by an external link. It means, I don't try to build a look on the connection between art and the history of our time. I try to make evident this connection from inside the art projects realized by the artists, using the display to connect them directly with the specific context where the show happens. This internal look focuses on how the artists can use a specific place and time to build their work in relation with our present and the issues raised by it.

Maurizio Bortolotti

Lecture is in English.

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