The Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb


PETER KOGLER: Without Title

Media wall, 22. 11. – 21. 12. 2012.

One of the first artists to work with the computer, Peter Kogler’s motifs occupy architectural spaces, inner and outer walls. In his diversely encoded staging of space he draws from the rich vocabulary of modern digital information and communications technologies or from film architecture.

In the process, on the one hand, he adapts himself to the structures of the space, on the other hand he turns the latter into a variable body of work, turning it inside out or distorting it. Existing, ‘cuMarcic’ pictorial restrictions are lifted; the viewer gets into the work, manipulating and changing it through his presence. At the same time he follows and obeys the systems Kogler has created. As well as the characteristic, symbolically charged motifs of the tube, the ant and the brain which have featured in his work since the 1980s, it is also his use of abstraction – which is really a construction – that defines each piece of his architecture in illusionist fashion.

Peter Kogler was born in 1959 in Innsbruck and he lives and works in Vienna, where he also studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts. He took professorships at the State University of Fine Arts – Städelschule in Frankfurt/Main, at the Académie des Beaux-Arts in Le Mans, at the Académie des Beaux-Arts in Paris and special professorship in computer and video art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna.

At a media facade of the Museum of Contemporary Art will have the opportunity to see one of the works of Peter Kogler regarding ants. Kogler’s ants are the primary symbol of the organizational model. They interest him as archetypes, fictional characters, well-intentioned or monstrous, and as a species that successfully resisted evolution. Digitally modeled and then organized the free surfaces, in areas with two or three dimensions, are elements that create a social metaphor. The apparent perfection of their social organization and the similarities between their behavior and our own symbolizes the working class or acts as a symbol of an underground world.

Kogler’s work at the media facade is also announcing our future cooperation with this very interesting artist for his major exhibition in 2014 at the space of temporary exhibitions.

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