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Birthdays at MSU

Come and find out why our birthdays are a hit!

Every weekend for the past two years, the cheerful chatter of children fills the space of our building as our guests of honor and their friends enjoy a unique birthday experience. Each year, we introduce them to one artist from our collection through fun, age-appropriate activities.

This year, the celebrated Croatian contemporary artist and academic Ivan Kožaricgladly agreed to “lend” his work to the birthday parties. Eternally playful himself, he allowed replicas of his work to be used as birthday “props.”

MSU’s enthusiastic museum educators and curatorial interns guarantee a cheerful and creative atmosphere.

Birthday Workshop at MSU

Replicas of the artwork of Ivan Kožaric– a gold throne, a tree made from bulbs and pens – are the new scenery for birthday parties in the museum’s Green Room. We await you with MSU cake, colorful treats inspired by works of art, a stroll through the Collection in Motion and the Kozaric Atelier, and we even celebrate with a creative workshop. Of course, the fun begins and ends with the indispensable Double Slide by Carsten Höeller.

Come and find out why our birthdays are a hit!

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