The Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb


Cinema 21: Far from Afghanistan & RR

December 19thand 20th, 2012, 7 p.m. Gorgona Hall

Cinema 21

Where are the films for the 21stcentury cinema? With this question we announce Cinema 21, a new film program in the Museum of Contemporary Art, for cinema viewers of our time.

The Cinema 21 program is about mutations of the dominant esthetic form of the last century, in a time that perhaps is no longer a cinematic or cinema-centric time; it reveals current modes of cinematic production that provide a frame and a voice to contemporary artistic and political landscapes, or resist them.

The specific character of the Cinema 21 program cannot be separated from its location; it is cinema on the location of contemporary art. The first post-cinema space of this kind necessarily provokes contradictions, mirrorings and correspondences. We promote a concept of cinema in a separate space, whose thought and memory produces relations with other kinds of moving pictures – a cinematic structure of sensing the post-cinema emotion of our time.

Wednesday, 12/19

Far from Afghanistan (John Gianvito, Travis Wilkerson, Jon Jost, Minda Martin, Soon-Mi Yoo, 2012.

Thursday, 12/20

RR/ James Benning, 2007.

35mm, color, sound, 112 min.

We will open the program with two provocative films about different conceptual policies of images. The first is a collective political film Far from Afghanistan (; its title, method, and open criticism of ten-year American presence in Afghanistan, as well as the authorial work of collective members John Gianvito, Travis Wilkerson and Jon Jost, remind us of the paradigmatic film of artistic activism, Far from Vietnam by the S.L.O.N. group (Chris Marker, Alain Resnais, William Klein, Joris Ivens, Agnès Varda, Claude Lelouch, Jean-Luc Godard).

What follows is personal politics of physical and mental landscape in a film of trains and railways, RR by James Benning, whose fascinating art transcends film images of American empire, as well as neo-avant-garde menippean of American structural visionary cinema.

Program curator: Tanja Vrvilo

Program manager: Tihomir Milovac

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