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ANIMATION GOES MSU! - Call for entries for multimedia facade

Public call for animated works to be displayed on the multimedia facade of the Museum of Contemporary Art is now open.

In the last few years there has been a growing number of works using animation in their expression to be found in galleries and display spaces alongside other visual arts. The Museum of Contemporary Art and World Festival of Animated Film Animafest Zagreb through this collaboration want to give a chance to authors – both media artists using animation and animators who want to expand their scope of activity outside the film theatres – to present their works to broader public on MSU’s media facade.

Out of submitted applications, the selected video works will be screened on MSU’s media facade from 21 May to 9 June 2013 during the Festival’s 23rd edition.

The regulations and requirements for the application of works are listed in Terms and Conditions and the entry form is available here.


Since some people had extra questions, and some already sent regular DVD-s with regular films on it, here is an extra explanation regarding technical requirements for the Media facade:

Video works will be screened on entire Media facade which means every chosen work will be screened across all 3 displays simultaneously. Media facade has 3 displays which are linked together by the player software and these 3 displays play together as 1 display. You need to send 3 files (of the same length), with the right aspect ratio for each single display. Then those 3 files will be played as 1 video. If you have one already existing video which you would like to send, you can scale it or crop it or cut it or anything you like to the right dimensions in your video editing program (or similar). We hope all is clear now, if not, feel free to ask more.

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