The Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb


HŽ and MSU: discount for passangers - visitors in 2013

From March 15th 2013 till March 15th 2014 MSU visitors and passengers using HŽ Passenger Transport get a discount for museum tickets and return train tickets. Passangers need to show their train ticket so they can get a discount at MSU and then entrance fee is 20 HRK. Passangers can get a 40% discount for regular return tickets (both 1st and 2nd grade) for all regular train lines from any train station in Croatia to Zagreb Glavni kolodvor and back. Date on the museum ticket must correspond with the validity period of the train ticket. When buying the train ticket it's needed to emphasise the purpose of your travel and on your way back show the museum ticket to the train staff. Discount is not valid for train lines under 25 km. Discount is also valid for Slovenian citizens and their return tickets from any train station in Slovenia to Zagreb Glavni Kolodvor and back.

Train timetable is available at:

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