The Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb



on Thursday 18 April, 2013, at 6 pm


Ružica Šimunović, author of the text

Marijan Molnar, publisher PLEH

Boris Greiner, book designer

Zoran Pavelić, artist

Tihomir Milovac, museum consultant MSU Zagreb

At this occasion Zoran Pavelić will perform a performance entitled ‘’Concentration’’.

Multimedia artist Zoran Pavelić acts on the art scene from1980th. The begining of his artistic engagement started in Baranja, where he founded art group ‘Swamp’. The group was acting from1988 to the 1991 as the first relevant promoter of contemporary art in the region. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, in the class of prof. Đuro Seder, at the 1998th.

The tendency of the conceptual unification of certain segments of his work, questioning the role of artists, arts and cultural institutions in the socio-political context of time and space, are the hallmarks of Zoran Pavelić’s artistic work.

About the publisher;

PLEH – art organisation founded in 2007th in Zagreb.

Members / Artists: Marijan Molnar, Vlatko Vincek, Kata Mijatović, Zoran Pavelić.

Activity and related activities of the artistic organisation PLEH are aimed at exhibiting, publishing and other forms of promotion of contemporary art practice in the Croatian cultural scene.

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