The Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb


FLATFORM: Things Otherwise

Projekction of Flatform's video artworks will be on April 23rd 2013 in Gorgona at 6 PM and the exhibition will open on April 23rd 2013 at 7 PM in NO gallery.

By inviting the Flatform art group we wanted to question, but also strengthen the ties between MSU and the local community, continue the tradition of dialogue on spatial policies and position the Museum’s role in urban public space more firmly. Flatform’s project Things Otherwise empowers civil participation through an art action conducted through several stages. After filming the territory around MSU, Flatform edited the footage and using a mobile structure, the so-called Flatcase, invited interested citizens to look at them and create narratives. Flatform motivated them to come up with their own stories, personal or fictional, without an immediate connection with their video images. The following stage entailed inviting interested citizens to tell that story in front of the camera at MSU’s studio. The final result is an exhibition in which a video installation stimulates the visitors to consider “how to look at things in a different manner”.

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