The Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb


Sinead O'Donnell / Belfast

Performance, Friday, June 12th at 9 p.m.

No title

Statement about the performance

it / s / it / s / about / it / s / about / holding / holding it / holding onto it / holding it together / for a while / through time / slowly / quickly / slightly/ silently/ in actions / holding onto to something / that / that can / it can / fall to pieces / but / it / it / never / seems / to / die

Duration 30 minutes.

Sinéad O’Donnell has worked in performance, installation, site and time-based art for the past 15 years. Originally from Dublin and based in Belfast, Sinéad studied sculpture at the University of Ulster, textiles in Dublin and visual performance and time-based practices at Dartington College of Arts, graduating with distinction in 2003.

Her work explores identity, borders and barriers through encounters with territory and the territorial. She sets up actions or situations that demonstrate complexities, contradictions or commonality between medium and discipline, timing and spontaneity, intuition and methodology, artist and audience. She uses photography, video, text and collage to record her performances which often reveals an ongoing interest in the co-existence of other women and systems of kinship and identity.

Sinéad’s practice is nomadic and travel has broadened her cultural perceptions and influenced her artistic sensibilities regarding time and space. She is active on the Belfast performance art scene working with local organizations to foster performance art activity and supporting emerging artists in her community.

Recent work has been presented at In Between Time, Bristol (2013), RITES, Singapore (2012), Mobius Performance Space, Boston, USA (2012), Southbank Centre, London (2012) Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast (2012), Asiatopia, Thailand (2012), My Land festival, Croatia (2012), Black Market International, Belfast (2012), National Review of Live Art, Glasgow (2010).

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