The Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb


Eurokaz & MSU, Dalibor Martinis with Cantus ensemble: Dinner Party

performance, July 1, 2013, 9 p.m., Gorgona hall

Any political project interests us only as far as it is about the construction of daily life, one that favors free game of life. Instead of losing time with the costs and benefits analysis of our membership in the EU, we should focus on what the EU effectively stands for.

With the red European Union flag in our eyes, the International in our ears, and Chablis Fourchame 2006. on our palate let's try to resolve the dichotomy of two views to the same rEUvolutionary goal. On the one hand we find a view that could be summarized as: Only the rEUvolution will bring about real pleasure and fulfillment, but we must be ascetics to reach it. The other side seems to declare that: Only by developing pleasures and following our desires will the rEUvolution even become a possibility.

Let's see what's on the table! The decision will be brought right here, on our european birthday. Until then, we will apply a relentless critique of everything in existence, as Marx put it, which is an exciting task because, as Raoul Vaneigem says, „we have a world of pleasures to win and nothing to lose but boredom.“



Salmon fillet in olive oil

Chablis Fourchaume 2006., William Fevre

Turkey roll in curry sauce

Teran 2007., Roxanich

Chocolate crostata with almonds

Glengoyne 10 years

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