The Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb


Surprised body project-Zagreb

4 / October

5-6 / October 2013

The Surprised body project is a dance piece that focuses on choreographical and compositional issues and sees the body and the movement as its central element.
Already as a title, Surprised body project defines a metaphorical space. The image of a body in a constant alert, escaping from a habitual daily body and from any kind of routine. The sense of "surprise" is intended as the inner state that allow to be constantly ready to “react” and respond, as individual and as a group. To affect each other, by any physical decision, also throughout structured improvisations and instant composition.“When you “affect” something, you are at the same time opening yourself up to being affected in turn." (Brian Massumi)

The piece has been continuously changing,as an ongoing creative process.

Wee constantly presented new versions of the work in different countries, always involving new dancers invited to join in the process and new composers for themusical score.

Studio za suvremeni ples/Studio-Contemporary Dance Company/u koprodukciji sa /in co production with Wee company Oslo i u suradnji sa/ and in collaboration with: Vitlycke Performing Art Centrum i Muzej suvremene umjetnosti-Zagreb/Vitlycke Performing Art Centrum and Museum of Contemporary Art-Zagreb


Surprised body project - Zagreb

Premijera 04.listopada 2013. MSU - Gorgona

Reprize: 05.i 06. listopada 2013. MSU - Gorgona

Koreografija/Choreography: Francesco Scavetta

Plesači/Dancers: Ana Vnučec, Dina Ekštajn, Martina Tomić, Petra Hrašćanec, Orfee Schujit,

Gry Kipperberg, Branko Banković i Bruno Isaković

Glazba/Music: Nenad Sinkauz i Nenad Kovačić

Kostimi/Costumes: Gjoril Bjercke Saether

Dizajn svjetla/Light design: Stefano Stacchini

Majstor svjetla/Light technician: Marinko Maričić

Majstor tona/Sound technician: Branko Puceković-Puc

Grafički dizajn/Graphic design: Tina Ivezić

Fotografija/Photography: Danko Stjepanović

Produkcija/production: Studio za suvremeni ples-Wee company Oslo

Umjetnički ravnatelji/Art directors: Bosiljka Vujović-Mažuran/SSP, Francesco Scavetta/Wee

Producent/producer: Branko Banković

Produkcijska podrška/producer assistant: Koraljka Begović

Prijevodi/Translations: Mirna Herman

Odnosi s javnošću/Public relations: Ana Kovačević

Urednik programa ispred MSU: Branko Kostelnik

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