The Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb


The Invisible Museum

There is nothing to see in the Invisible Museum. Its collection consists of oral descriptions of objects, experiences and situations "donated" by visitors of the Museum and is accessed by way of tours provided by guides who store these items in their memories. Therefore, the pieces in the Invisible Museum might deform or even disappear according to the remembering - and forgetting - of each of its guides. The Invisible Museum perceives "things" in museums differently by transforming their materiality, and challenges their value and ownership. The Museum operates within a gift economy, wherein the guide serves as a facilitator of the giving and receiving of the Museum's diverse collection. The Invisible Museum is not a building in itself but takes temporary shelter inside another museum; visitors of one museum become visitors of the other, absorbed and appropriated from one economy to another.

The Invisible Museum opened its doors at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb (MSU) on the 25th of October 2013, and can be visited from 14h-18h (Tuesday - Sunday) until the 7th of November 2013.

The Invisible Museum is a project of Ben Evans and Luís Miguel Félix created with Nino Bokan, Nikolina Komljenovic, Marko Kalc and Martina Granic.

Produced by ekscena (Croatia) with the support of Funcação Calouste Gulbenkian (Portugal) and MSU (Croatia).

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