The Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb


"MSU4" - celebrating a four-year anniversary of moving into the new building

We invite you to celebrate our birthday with us on Saturday, December 14th 2013, with an array of programs for all ages and free entrance to all exhibitions and events.

All programs are free to the public. Advance registration is required for attending the workshops.

Program for the Museum's fourth birthday

opening hours of exhibitions: 11 a.m. – 8 p.m.

other events: 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.

11 a.m. Educational workshop CHAOS IN MOTION in Extension exhibition area

Workshop mentor: photographer Luka Kedžo

Number of attendants: 6 – 8 / equipment: digital camera

Age: 8 – 12 years

The workshop attendants will „stroll“ through the Museum's permanent display, the so-called Collection in Motion, in order to create a sort of reaction – or Chaos in Motion – by using photography.

After introductory discussion, attendants will arbitrarily photograph each other in the Collection's exhibition area, thus completing the first phase of the workshop. Second part of the workshop will consist of discussing the photographs and inscribing the comments on the photograph itself.

After photographing and commenting, an exhibition will be set up in the Museum's Školica exhibition area.

The workshop is organized in cooperation with Praktikum Association – Children and Youth Centre.

workshop registration:

12 a.m., Retrospective exhibition of Vojin Bakić Light-bearing Forms

A guided tour through Vojin Bakić's retrospective exhibition Light-bearing Forms; guided by Nataša Ivančevoć, curator of the exhibition

12 p.m., Gorgona Hall

Animated film Ernest and Célestine (France/Belgium, 2012)

directed by Stéphane Aubier, Vincent Patar, Benjamin Renner / Belgium, France, Luxembourg

duration 79'

Recommended to children aged 6 and above

The screening is organized in cooperation with the Association Children Meeting Art

1 p.m., CIM permanent display

A guided tour through the Museum's permanent display, Collection in Motion

3 p.m. – 4 p.m.; CIM permanent collection

Performance by Darko Brajković: To Be the Sculpture, in CIM exhibition area

As part of the program „Revival Laboratory“, which takes place annually in The Kožarić Studio, younger-generation artist Darko Brajković will present his performance „To Be the Sculpture“.

In the performance „To Be the Sculpture“, first presented in Pazin as part of the festival Seven Days of Creation (Sedam dana stvaranja) in 2010, beside the decision to use a luminous and pliant material such as aluminum foil, the artist expresses closeness to Kožarić’s ideas through the idea of performance. At one point, he leaves the active role of the artist to a member of the audience and becomes a static sculpture, only to start a new process by resuming movement, as Brajković puts it: “The form should be outgrown, it has to crack and lose its importance in order to make space for something else. The goal is to show that life has no barriers, that art and life are the same thing, energy through form. In that sense – I send a big salute to Ivan Kožarić.”

Darko Brajković Đepeto Njapo – dbdjnj (1986) is a self-taught artist. His work mostly follows Fluxus aesthetics, the prime example being the idea of Dandelion which he has been developing since 2006 within a group of like-minded individuals called “avant-punk gr”; as the only artist in the group, he operates through various actions, “living and moving sculptures” and “mobile-studio jacket”. Darko Brajković lives and works in Marušići (Buje) in Istria.

3 p.m. – 5 p.m. Workshop for children aged 6 to 11

Creative workshop Light-bearing Games; mentor: Hanan El Sayed

We love the dance of light rays on sculpture surfaces! The light is telling us a special story on numerous sculptures of Vojin Bakić – it trembles, reflects, flashes.

At the beginning of the workshop, we will explore the relationship of volume, space and light by playing with aluminum foil, paper, colors and different shapes. We will try to revive light rays on smooth, shimmering and reflecting surfaces.

But, there’s more! After we make the sculptures, we will direct light at them from different angles using pocket lamps, and record the light dance on our sculptures with cameras.

The workshop is intended for children aged 6 to 11 years.


4 p.m., Gorgona Hall

Ice Dragon, Sweden 2012

Duration 77’

Recommended for children aged 9 to 15

The screening is organized in cooperation with the Association Children Meeting Art

4 p.m.

Intimately on Bakić, themed tour through the retrospective exhibition of Vojin Bakić: Light-bearing Forms, guided by Ana Martina Bakić coauthor of the architectural segment of the retrospective and the sculptor’s granddaughter

6 p.m.

I AND YOU (Io e te), drama, Italy 2012, 103’, directed by Bernardo Bertolucci, cast: Jacopo Olmo Antinori, Tea Falco, Sonia Bergamasco, Tommaso Ragno

Lorenzo, a lonely 14-year-old who does not get along with his parents and peers, hides in the basement for a week instead of going to the school ski trip, planning the perfect isolation with his favorite music and books, but the visit of his older sister is going to change everything…

premiere: Cannes 2012, Best Director Award as part of the Europolis program at the 60th Pula Film Festival

6:30 p.m., NO Gallery

A guided tour through the exhibition of Renata Poljak: The Stage of Our Reality in NO Gallery, guided by Leila Topić, curator of the exhibition

7 p.m.

A guided tour through Vojin Bakić's retrospective exhibition Light-bearing Forms; guided by Ana Škegro

7:30 p.m. MSU CAFE

Premiere of the project “The Garden” and a conversation with Silvio Vujičić, author of the project. Other participants are Nikola Kukić, biologist and project collaborator, and Nada Beroš, the project curator.

The site-specific installation The Garden by Silvio Vujičić is the fourth commissioned artwork especially designed for the space of the café located on the ground floor of the Zagreb Museum of Contemporary Art.

Equating the space for food and beverage consumption with the exhibition space, The Garden is a work in progress, which shall be changing its appearance in the course of the next year, until December 2014.

The Garden was created by using a series of laboratory procedures: from extraction of plant pigment by roto-evaporation to crystallization and chromatography of plants. The central wall of the café has become a space for documenting the process of work, and the visitors shall be able to observe changes not only in the biological material but also on the wall that shall gradually transform from a documenting area to an artefact.

Vujičić has already used biological materials in other works, such as Under the Daisies (2005), In the Hanging Garden No One Speaks (2011) and Roşu /As Blood (2012).

Alongside the installation The Garden, during 2014 the artist’s book shall be published, containing photographic documents, as well as the author’s sketches, drawings, charts.

8:30 p.m. Concert: The Changes R&B

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