The Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb



Installation, mixed media

Expert Associate: Nikola Kukić

Curator: Nada Beroš

Museum of Contemporary Art

Museum Café

Zagreb, Dubrovnik Avenue 17

The site-specific installation The Garden by Silvio Vujičić is the fourth commissioned artwork especially designed for the space of the café located on the ground floor of the Zagreb Museum of Contemporary Art.

Equating the space for food and beverage consumption with the exhibition space, The Garden is a work in progress, which shall be changing its appearance in the course of the next year, until December 2014.

The Garden was created by using a series of laboratory procedures: from extraction of plant pigment by roto-evaporation to crystallization and chromatography of plants. The central wall of the café has become a space for documenting the process of work, and the visitors shall be able to observe changes not only in the biological material but also on the wall that shall gradually transform from a documenting area to an artefact.

Vujičić has already used biological materials in other works, such as Under the Daisies (2005), In the Hanging Garden No One Speaks (2011) and Roşu /As Blood (2012).

Alongside the installation The Garden, during 2014 the artist’s book shall be published, containing photographic documents, as well as the author’s sketches, drawings, charts.

Silvio Vujičić, born in Zagreb in 1978, graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts and the Faculty of Textile Technology in Zagreb. His work focuses on the transitory and transformative nature of the matter. On the contemporary international scene he has been recognized as a very pedantic and consistent researcher whose complex projects often combine several media, visual and performing arts with fashion. His procedures are similar to scientific research - precise elaborations of models and schedules become a true laboratory for testing, in order to anticipate all possible “incidents” typical of working with a living matter, in this case plants. The artist develops an installation adapted to the size and function of the Museum Café, which attracts attention with its unusual forms and seeming fragility. Self-sustainability is an important feature of Vujičić’s installations that expand, in a subtle and somewhat subversive manner, the space of art into the space of nature, ecology, ethics and bioethics.

The project is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia and the City Office for Education, Culture and Sport.

Acknowledgment: Zagrebački plavi d.o.o.

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