The Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb


Ivan Šeremet: STOP-AND-GO

Opening of the monographic exhibition, including the artist’s monograph presentation and his performance, Friday, 7 Feb, 6 p. m.

Although he has been living and working outside of the capital of Croatia, Ivan Šeremet (b. 1952 in Erdevik), as an artist and organizer of art events in Slavonski Brod, has been continuously present on Croatian contemporary scene. While being directly engaged in war effort, as well as later, when he was intensively experiencing all the nuances of the transition period, he had abandoned the language of abstract geometry in painting, and, using his succinct and associative comments, he reflected a wider view on the social panorama. His insight into discontent and impotence augments the state of passivity and melancholic meditation; this, nuanced with acid tones of black humor, will become the recognizable axis of Šeremet’s work. Whether we are discussing his works in which he speaks in first person, wearing a sad clown face and assuming a posture of an amateur actor from a Fellini film, or other works, in which he shows us some protagonists from the margin of society, whose gestures summon “the divine, and a guileless goodness” – his attitude of ostensible passivity and abandoning has been recognized as an indirect, but nevertheless efficient artistic strategy of resistance. “For many years, my works have been immersed in Melancholy”, the artist testifies. “I create them using my intuition, and I hope one is not overly pretentious if one puts them in the context of philosophical thought, saying that melancholy can be more efficient than any radical act. And, let me add what you have already heard: Melancholy is neither an illness nor a negation of life, but an integral response of an organism to the nature of existence.”

Art theoretician Miško Šuvaković, the author of Ivan Šeremet’s monograph, “Joy and Melancholy: Continental Art Between Hell and Heaven”, which will be presented at the exhibition opening, will interpret Ivan Šeremet’s work in the context of the rich tradition of Croatian art. The designer of the monograph, Ante Rašić, will also speak at the opening, as well as the curator of the exhibition, Radmila Iva Janković,.

Ivan Šeremet will carry out his “A Soul for Croatia” performance.

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