The Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb


INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM Avgust Černigoj and the Legacy of Experimental Practices

Venue of event: Škofja Loka Museum, Grajska pot 13, Škofja Loka, Slovenia

Time of event: 24 April 2014, 10.00 AM – 3.00 PM

Organizer: Škofja Loka Museum

International Symposium is a part of the research and exhibition project Bauhaus - Networking Ideas and Practice (BAUNET), which involves four cultural institutions from four European countries: Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb (Croatia), Universalmuseum Joanneum, Graz (Austria), Academy of Fine Arts,Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Škofja Loka Museum, Škofja Loka (Slovenia). BAUNET intend to explore and present the activities and interrelations of artists from South-East Europe, who were schooled at the renowned international school of architecture, design and visual arts – Bauhaus and its influences on art practices during the fifties of the 20th century in South-East Europe and also the legacy of avant-garde movements. The mainstay of the two years project (oct.2013-sept.2015) are the aesthetic and pedagogic concepts of the Bauhaus school, which were applied to all visual art disciplines.

In the light of this BAUNET topic, Symposium Avgust Černigoj and the Legacy of Experimental Practices will focus on Avgust Černigoj, the only Slovene artist who studied at the Bauhaus school. Černigoj (b.1898 in Trieste – d. 1985 in Sežana)is known for his avant-garde experiments in constructivism. He attended the Bauhaus school in Weimar one semester in 1924. This had a profound impact on his development as an artist, as he came there into contact with the Russian avant- garde and particulary with constructivism. Černigoj's main contribution to the Slovene fine arts consists in his broadened understanding of art and artistic work. This professional and public convention is expected to bring together, for the first time, different aspects of Avgust Černigoj's work in the context of Bauhaus and adresses his influence on the Slovene avantgard movement.

Experts from the Slovenian and other European museums, universities and other institutions involved with the subject of the Symposium will present and discuss various topics concerning the life and work of Avgust Černigoj. The target audiences are curators, researchers, professors, students and others interested in this topic. The Symposium will be simultaneously translated into English and followed by the publication of a bi-lingual volume of proceedings (Slovene– English).


dr. PETER KREČIČ, Faculty of Arhitecture, Ljubljana, NADA ZORAN, Art Historian, Ljubljana, BARBARA STERLE VURNIK, Škofja Loka Museum, DRAGAN ŽIVADINOV, Zavod Delak, Ljubljana, dr. IRENE MISLEJ, Art Historian, Ajdovščina, dr. LOVORKA MAGAŠ

BILANDŽIĆ, Faculty of Philosophy, Zagreb, dr. JANEZ VREČKO, Faculty of Philosophy, Ljubljana, dr. AIDA ABADŽIĆ HODŽIĆ, Faculty of Philosophy, Sarajevo, TATJANA ROJC, Literary Critic,Trieste.

Concept and organization:

-Jana Mlakar, director (ŠLM)

-Barbara Sterle Vurnik, project coordinator for Slovenia and museum consultant


Additional information:

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