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Thursday, May 25, 7 p.m., Gorgona Hall

The Restagings program presents a review of selected video works by Marko Lulić, in which the artist deals with the themes of monuments, sculpture-object, dance / performance, body, as well as memory, public space, appropriation and interpretation. The relations between body, monument and gesture are crucial in Lulić’s works, in which the artist tries to establish a continuing dialog between ideology and form. Lulić is interested in mechanisms of translation and transposition, of shifting contexts. He is re-creating and re-interpreting, “translating” and re-contextualizing the heritage of modernism, using various materials and media.

The artistic activities of Marko Lulić include videos, objects and installations, as well as works in public spaces, and his points of interest include the themes of avant-garde, modernism and popular culture, along with elements of irony and entertainment, while their referential space ranges from Dušan Makavejev and Wilhelm Reich, the penthouse episode and We do not Sell Hollywood film, to public monuments and modern architecture – sculptures by Vojin Bakić, Haludovo hotel, Rosa Luxemburg monument, Entertainment Center Mies, to his interest for Otti Berger, a Bauhaus student, or Raquel Welch.

The program includes five videos, from Jasenovac, dedicated to the Stone Flower, a monument that is based on dance and choreography, and the language of movement enables a dialog with the monument. The mimetic quality of choreography and of the monument presents a kind of mimesis that participates in the creation of a new form an in structuring a new language. Sacrifice thematizes the Rite of Spring, a ballet that premiered a century ago, asking questions about forms and possibilities of sacrifice today. The Space Girl Dance video, situated in a sculpture park, is an entertaining homage to the Barbarella style, and to Raquel Welch, the hostess of a TV series that aired on NVC in the 1970s; it questions the very idea of a sculpture park, making it similar to an amusement park. In the performance which is the basis of the Reactivation / Circulation, the artist examines space and infinity of connected circular elements, and the Bakić composition becomes a playground, for a while. Presenting a detachment from the usual standard of behavior, transposing the context of Bakić’s sculpture, it points to infinity, circularity and senselessness, while The Moderns / Vienna presents a short narrative as a construed history of Viennese architecture


Jasenovac, 2010, video, 9´

The Sacrifice, 2013, video, 11’

Space-Girl Dance, 2009, video, 2’30’’

Reactivation (Circulation in Space), 2002/2009, video, 6’28”

The Moderns (Vienna),2005, video, 4‘29“

Duration: 35 min

After the screening, a conversation with the artist is scheduled, as well as a presentation of the book about Marko Lulić’s video production.

Marko Lulić, visual artist (Vienna, 1972) studied at High School for Applied Arts and Academy of Visual Arts in Vienna, where he is currently employed. He has been showing his works in numerous collective and solo exhibitions in leading international and Croatian art institutions, museums and galleries: Witte de With, Rotterdam; Storefront for Art and Architecture, New York; ACF New York; OCA, Oslo; Kunstforum, Vienna; October Salon, Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade, Kunsthaus Bregenz; Kunstverein Graz. He received numerous awards and art residences. He lives and works in Vienna.

The works are presented courtesy of Gabriele Senn Gallery, Vienna, and the artist himself.

ARTISTS’ CINEMA is a program activity of the MSU that begun in 2012, aimed at introducing contemporary artists and their cinematic and video works, created at the meeting point of contemporary art and cinema, of film and visual arts. The program will present recent film/video works outside the context of social production of entertainment and spectacle. In addition, it will include conversations with the artists. It will complete the programmatic conception of the MSU and complement the presentation of this hybrid form. The Artists’ Cinema is aimed at intensifying the dialog and exchange on the cultural scene of the city, connecting artists, curators, and critics with the public; in this way we will contribute to an active internationalization of the art scene engaged in the media of moving pictures.

Project Manager: Tihomir Milovac

Curator: Branka Benčić

Artists presented within The Artists’ Cinema program thus far:

2013. – Gordon Matta Clark, Ibro Hasanović, Zlatko Kopljar, Damir Očko, program Distorted Mirror (Lisl Ponger, Peter Kubelka, Peter Tscherkasky, Mathias Muller, Siegfried A. Fruhauf)

2012. – Ursula Mayer, Shaun Gladwell: Cycles of Radical Will, Marina Abramović: The Artist is present (in cooperation with ZFF)

Video screenings, conversation with the artist and publication presentation

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