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Creative workshops for children and youth at the Museum of Contemporary Art, from 21 Jun. to 30 Sep. 2014

This summer the programme for children and youth will run under the Fresh Cucumber Season moniker. If this evokes the phrase pickled cucumber season, often used by journalists in the summer when, faced with a dearth of interesting events, they draw on less significant "reserve, pickled news," you're on the right path, but mind the direction!

Although we do keep a few jars of "winter stores" in the permanent collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art, we'll show you that summer is truly a season of fresh cucumbers – your EduAction team will see to that, as it always has.

Every Saturday from 21 June to 30 September of 2014, from 3pm to 5pm, in the pleasantly air-conditioned ambient of the permanent Collection in Motion, we'll travel through time and space on various vehicles, real or virtual – from the Double Slide, an ecological vehicle of the future, a rusty Renault 4 and old Zagreb trams, right up to a ship voyage on real deck chairs and an imaginary trip aboard a spacecraft. In the process we'll learn about many regions and artistic landscapes and – no less important – we'll learn some of the essential concepts and facts about modern and contemporary art.

The central figure and our guide through the Season of Fresh Cucumbers will be the artist Marcel Duchamp, the father of "ready-made", an enigmatic artist who marked both the end of art and the birth of contemporary art, transforming everyday objects into a work of art.

Perhaps we won't make it to the seaside this summer, but the "Orange Sea" at the MSU will be there. You won't need any special equipment for the trip, but it will help if you always carry your creative luggage – curiosity and imagination – with you!

Ages: 6 to 15 years

All workshops are free-of-charge and supplies and materials are provided. Because of the limited number of participants please apply at the e-mail address: eduakcija@msu.hror by phone at: 605-2700

Programme author and leader: Nada Beroš, head of our Educational Department and Kosjenka Laszlo Klemar, associate

Here are the dates and titles of our workshops:

21 Jun. Orange Sea (J. R. Soto: Orange extension)

28 Jun. Curves & Trajectories (C. Hoeller: Double Slide)

5 Jul. Water Trips (D. Martinis: New York-New York)

12 Jul. Riding Through Zagreb on an Old Tram (Martinis: Counterfeits)

19 Jul. Why Do Apples Fall From the Tree? (Živadinov-Zupančić)

26 Jul. The Big Egg and Eggs Sunny Side Up (Miroslav Šutej)

2 Aug. Does the Sun Need Gilding? (Ivan Kožarić)

9 Aug. Automobiles, Planes, Trains and Other Means of Transport (The Kožarić Atelier)

23 Aug. Things, Things, Things (M. Stilinović; V. Martek; B. Bućan)

30 Aug. It's All Bound Together (Exat 51)

6 Sep. What Did the New Tendencies Catch in its Net?

13 Sep. Not a Day Without a Line Drawn (J. Knifer)

20 Sep. A Snippet of River, Barren Landscapes & Empty Spaces (Gorgona)

27 Sep. Meandering & Rectilinear Motion (J. Knifer)

Mobile Museum:

From Miha's room to children's hospital rooms

During the summer our small EduAction team, with its black Mobile Museum valise and its mysterious contents, will visit the departments of Zagreb's children's hospitals with which we are continuing our collaboration and meeting for creative drawing, modelling, reading and story writing workshops. Vladimir Rismondo's book for children and youth Zgode iz Mihine sobe (Episodes From Miha's Room) will be our core reading, opening a window to an off-the-wall family and their blind cat Hussein. Of course, along with this book, imaginatively illustrated by Tena Letica Tkalčević, we'll learn many concepts from art theory and how they are interwoven with our daily lives. This will also be the premiere reading of the book, slated to appear in the MSU shop in the autumn.

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