The Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb


Merci Picelj: From the Ivan Picelj's Archives and Library

Exhibition opening: September 26th, 2014.

Ivan Picelj was an associate of many years of the Museum of Contemporary Art and shaped the MSU's visual identity over a span of several decades. The exhibition from the Ivan Picelj's Archives & Library will also be one of the chief events through which the Museum will celebrate its 60th anniversary.

At the NO Gallery premises we will showcase all of the key elements of the Archive & Library in a manner both visually attractive and interesting to the public. The exhibition will show how the archive is structured and in what manner it will help future researchers gain insight into the work of this artist, and into some aspects of the Croatian art scene in the second half of the 20th century. Also to be exhibited, along with the archival and library materials, are the reliefs I. Picelj presented in 1965 at New York's Howard Wise gallery. The brilliant photography of Damir Fabijanić will help us evoke the working and living environment of an artist whose work inspired change in Croatian art and influenced a generation of artists and designers.

Exhibition author: Snježana Pintarić

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