The Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb


Re-discovery III: Ivan Kožarić and Carla Filipe

Autocenter gallery, Berlin, Friday, November 14th 2014 at 7 p.m.

Re-Discovery is a series of exhibitions and lectures, conceived and designed by five international guest curators, in which the works of artists of an older generation enter into dialogue with younger artists. The earlier positions focused on – David Hammons, Ivan Kožarić, Sture Johannesson, Peter Rose and Marianne Wex – are those of artists who are, in Germany, unknown, little known, or known only as uncharted territory in contemporary art history. They are artists whose works have fallen into neglect on account of the economic, social or political mechanisms of the art world or have gone undetected, slipping under the mainstream radar. The philosophy of Re-Discovery is not restricted to the mere exhibiting of these positions in the manner of a well-deserved re-encounter. The objective is to create a chamber of resonance in which older works come up against contemporary creations, corresponding with them or producing tensions through which new ways of seeing or new contexts can emerge.

Ivan Kožarić will be presented by a German curator Urlich Loock who was first closely introduced to his artistic creation during the retrospective exhibition “Sloboda je rijetka ptica” (Freedom is a rare bird) in Haus der Kunst, 2013 in Munich.

Thirty six works by Ivan Kožarić from Atelier Kožarić fundus and a few works from Lauba collection, from 1953 to 2005 will meet the works from a recent cycle As Primas da Bulgária (Cousin from Bulgaria) by a young Portuguese artist Carla Filipe. The connection in the artistic creation by the two generationally distant artists the curator Urlich Loock has found in the approach in which the decryption of the signs of the world does not yield to the superficial aesthetic conventions but instead translates them in authentic ways in similar tension that moves from proximity and distance.

Loock was successively Director of the Kunsthalle Bern and the Kunstmuseum Luzern between the years 1985 to 2010 and Deputy Director of the Museu de Serralves in Porto. He currently teaches at the Hochschule der Künste in Bern, living and working as a critic and curator in Berlin.

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