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Now we'll have more freedom!

Creative workshop programme for the 2014/2015 winter school break

Asked during a recent television show what he expected of the school winter break one boy said, Now we'll have more freedom. We've taken the liberty, we admit, of "lifting" this as the title of our educational programme. The boy's words have encouraged us to bring the winter break programme as close as possible to this boy's "ideal of freedom", and to formulate only its basic outline – leaving everything else to you and your workshop leaders.

Freedom is not only the free time that there will be an abundance of during the winter school break – especially if the weather turns sour, with spots of snow, mud, wind and even rain; tedium above all – leaving us with nothing better to do than stay indoors with a television, computer station, tablet, mobile phone or any other screen – big or small.

But it doesn't have to be that way! We would like the time spent at the Museum of Contemporary Art on the Saturdays of December and January to be a time in which you will feel free and playful and to discover in the process what freedom means to artists, actors, writers, designers, painters and illustrators … and what freedom might mean for you.

We will learn about freedom in the company of artists who will show us the works of art in our museum that evoke in them a sense of freedom, of the unrestrained, that make them feel carefree, offer diversion and awaken the desire to create and share all these feelings with you. They will also tell you about how and when they first encountered works of art and what they meant to them when they were your age. We'll view the permanent collection and our new exhibitions. There will also be some story reading, poetry recital, a walk through computer-generated rooms and a passage through wondrous ambient video environments, and there will also be modelling, juggling and drawing – everything from dragons and princesses to abstract images and landscapes. How can we do all this at the Museum of Contemporary Art? It's possible precisely because contemporary art considers FREEDOM to be one of the highest "peaks" – one that requires a great deal of intrepidity, and playfulness to conquer. We'll endeavour together to discover what freedom could be in art. Perhaps we will find it easier then to recognise and value freedom in life and then, we believe, the upcoming winter break will truly offer us greater freedom.

The workshop leaders are: Vladimir Rismondo, Iva Ćurić, Tena Letica Tkalčević, Izvorka Jurić, Petra Ružman, Svetlana Patafta, Dražen Šivak and Marko Makovičić.

The workshops will be staged:

Saturdays from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., from 27 December 2014 to 30 January 2015.

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