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Hello M_ster Kožarić and the premiere of Bubbling Over With Love

Wednesday, 10 June 2015, 6:00 pm – 7:45 pm

The Kožarić Atelier and Gorgona Hall

We are celebrating Ivan Kožarić's birthday, the 10th of June, with two events. At 6:00 pm we will be presenting the Kožarić Atelier's Reanimation Laboratory, this year featuring the participation of Belgian artist Vaast Colson. This will be followed with a 7:00 pm premiere screening of the documentary film Sve pršti od ljubavi (Bubbling Over With Love) at Gorgona Hall.

Vaast Colson: Hello M_ster Kožarić!
The Kožarić Atelier, 6:00 pm

What is it that connects Ivan Kožarić and Belgian artist Vaast Colson? Like Ivan, Vaast too does not constrain his work to the limits set by medium or style. He makes use of everything that, in a particular situation, can satisfy his creative urges. Although he graduated painting at the art academy in Antwerp, where, after a time, he also taught painting – he does not paint. What poses a challenge is exploring the limits of his freedom to act and to adopt various positions in different circumstances in which the emphasis is always on a specific mental or physical process. His installations, drawings, videos, photographs, happenings and so forth are subtle queries into the very nature of art, the question of representation, when something becomes and when it no longer is a work of art – his Fluxus movement strategy often leading to absurdity in the protocols of the artistic system, or parodying his own role in them. He exhibits the ready-made objects he utilises in processual projects – plastic buckets, champagne corks, kitchen rags, curtains, curtain rails and the like (A Retrospective, S.M.A.K., Ghent, 2004) as "props", questioning their artistic survival in a new context. Collaboration with other artists and his creative interaction with them and with their work is often in the focus of his work. "What I noticed during my initial contact with the work of Kožarić, which I first came across at the MuHKA museum in Antwerp," Colson observes, "is the importance the idea has for him, while he concurrently never ignores the material, i.e. the way in which the idea is to be realised." In the materialisation of his ideas, especially those that emerge in the continuum of time, Colson at times finds the book form, self-published in a limited print run, as the ideal form of representation. During his residence at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MSU Zagreb) in May and June, he was particularly impressed with the issues of the Gorgona anti-magazine and decided to see through some of his own proposals (A Handful of Proposals for the Anti-magazine Gorgona), which will join his previously published work at the presentation in the Kožarić Atelier. He will also present several other new works that emerged in direct dialogue with the work of Ivan Kožarić – besides an audio installation alongside Kožarić's Ekran (The Screen), these include one object (Scrabble babble bag) and a video performance shot at the bocce arena in Zagreb (Frankie and Johnny rarely get to kiss the Fanny) of which he says: "What I particularly like about Kožarić is the way in which he works with proportions. He titled a blue line on the edge of the paper High Sky (Visoko nebo) and when you join it to the title you think – 'Of course, what else could it be?' A beautiful method of reduction! It's the same with The Grounded Sun (Prizemljeno Sunce). When we observe it formally we discern the childlike ease of relativisation. One thinks in passing: if that's how big the Sun is God is someone I can sit down for a drink with. That was my point of reference when I started thinking that, during my residence in Zagreb, I could create a performance involving a game I have been obsessing over for some time. It's not God or the artist, however, playing with the bocce balls in this work – but rather protagonists that approach the game from positions of power."

Vaast Colson was born in 1977. He lives and works in Antwerp. He graduated painting at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp in 2000. He earned his postgraduate degree in the visual arts (Sint Joost) in 2001 at Breda in the Netherlands. He has staged and participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions. Colson has won a number of prizes for his work, found in the collection of the MuHKA Museum of Modern Art in Antwerp and in private collections. Read more at:…/6dfb38_5c3eb201981743c0abf16da00d31f…


Sve pršti od ljubavi (Bubbling Over With Love)
Gorgona Hall, 7:00 pm

"For us – denizens of these parts, this century and this moment -- Kožarić's observation that everything is bubbling over with love will incite a reflexive, cynical smirk. But we might then stop for a moment, look around and wonder where Kožarić sees the cited phenomenon. We cannot rule out that, encouraged by the authority of this categorical statement, we might view things from a previously unused, more humane, more acceptable angle, and – for a moment at least – change our optics to our own benefit." (A. Maračić)

The documentary Bubbling Over With Love (38'48"), produced by the Museum of Contemporary Art (MSU Zagreb) as a homage to a great artist, offers brief chronological glimpses into the key events from Kožarić's artistic biography: from his participation in an art colony in Rovišće near Bjelovar and move to a new atelier (2007) to a major retrospective staged at Munich's Haus der Kunst (2013). The film features interviews with fellow artists, curators and long time associates: Vlado Martek, Igor Rončević, Antun Maračić, Branko Kostelnik, Ivica Župan, Ariana Kralj, Okwui Enwezor, Patrizia Dander and others.

Directed by: Gordana Brzović; screenplay: Radmila Iva Janković; writers: Antun Maračić and Radmila Iva Janković; camera: Gordana Brzović and Hrvoje Ramadža; editing and score: Igor Kožić; narration: Kornelije Hećimović and Rosanda Kokanović; producer: MSU 2014.

The Kožarić Atelier programme is supported by the City of Zagreb and the Croatian Ministry of Culture.

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