The Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb


International Conference SPARK: Conservation of Sculpture Parks!

Sisak, September 14th -16th 2015.

International interdisciplinary conference SPARK: Conservation of Sculpture Parks (Sisak, September 14th -16th 2015 ) is jointly organized by the Academy of Arts in Split (Department of Conservation and Restoration), Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb and the Institute for the Conservation and Restoration of Sciences in Cologne. The conference is supported by the City Museum Sisak, City Gallery Striegl, Conservation office in Sisak, Croatian Ministry of Culture and Faculty of metallurgy of the University of Zagreb.

The program for the three-day event includes 14 oral presentations and six poster presentations. The authors are top experts from around the world, and they all work passed a rigorous review process. Lectures and posters cover a number of topics related to conservation (collections) of outdoor sculptures, from the management of the collection and vandalism prevention to technical issues on implementation of regular maintenance and restoration of sculptures made by various materials (metal, wood, stone, concrete...). The conference program and summaries of lectures and posters are available at the following link:

A round table at the conference will be held on the subject of theme parks of sculpture as a resource from which the local community can have multiple benefits. We will get acquainted with the initiative for the preservation of the Sculpture Park in Jakovlje, discuss what is important for artists to present their sculptures outdoors, find out how sculpture parks can be made accessible to people with special needs, learn about all that is included in the management of cultural heritage and how to integrate sculpture parks into the thematic cultural routes.

Professional trip includes a tour of the Sculpture Park created within the Colony of Artists "Željezara Sisak", a visit to the Museum of Contemporary Art and to the Vjenceslav Richter and Nada Kareš Richter Collection.

The conference is intended for conservators - restorers, conservation department workers, curators, art historians, landscape architects, urban planners, cultural managers and employees of the city services that are responsible for the procurement and maintenance of sculpture in public spaces.

Come to Sisak and join us at the conference where we discuss many current and pressing issues related to the sculpture parks!

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