The Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb


Re-performing of: Art must be beautiful, artist must be beautiful.

MSU, Collection in motion (3rd floor), Saturday 13.2.2016 at 7PM

Ina Sladić
(Within the Queer Zagreb Season program)

Re-performing of:
Art must be beautiful, artist must be beautiful.
Original performance of Marina Abramović
Charlottenburg Art Festival, Copenhagen, 1975

Copyright: Marina Abramović

With the Courtesy of the Marina Abramović Archives

Today worldwide famous, the artist Marina Abramović originally performed her performance „Art must be beautiful, artist must be beautiful“ 1975 at the Charlottenburg Art Festival in Copenhagen, aiming her focus on the then very relevant question if the art should be beautiful according to the definition of beauty formed in petit-bourgeois salons or if it should instead hold a critical position towards the reality of society and not care about the classical definitions of beauty. In those years, the international scene was „occupied“ by artworks of conceptual artists whose perception of beauty was diametrically opposed to the middle class aesthetic notion; the art scene was intensively engaged in reevaluating the very term of beauty in the artwork. Next to the statement (question) that the „art must be beautiful“, Marina Abramović adds also the gender-aware motif „...artist must be beautiful“, relativising in that way the fact that the woman, and an artist next to that, has been seen – not only in patriarchal, conservative communities, but also within liberal, artistic circles - as a sort of a „intruder“ in the man's world. The provocative gesture of being nude while combing her hair the artist dynamises during one hour of repetition of the text as well as of the action until the verge of physical endurance, so that this performance as well as a few others from that period where she radically instrumentalises her body, are seen as turning points in the performance art where the body of the artist becomes the artistic medium.

This is not the first time that the young Croatian artist is collaborating with Marina Abramović: within the exhibition „12 Rooms“ in 2012, curated by Klaus Biesenbach and Hans Ulrich Obrist, she re-performed the performance „Luminosity“ which she repeated 2014 in Art Basel. Same year she performs also the „Centerpiece“ in the Beyeler foundation in Basel on a night dedicated to Marina Abramović. 2015, Ina Sladić receives also the official approval of the artist to re-perform „Art must be beautiful, artist must be beautiful“, which will, with the courtesy of Marina Abramović Institute, be re-performed in the Museum of contemporary art for the first time after 1975. The question of beauty juxtaposed to questions of the avangarde seem to be unsolved until this very day so that it will at least be interesting to follow the reactions of our professional and wider public.

Ina Sladić (1986, Zagreb), after finishing dance education at the school for classical ballet and contemporary dance Ana Maletić leaves to the Folkwang University of Arts in Essen, Germany, where she receives a scholarship during the whole period of attendance and participates also in student exchange in Conservatoire National Supérieur Musique et Danse de Lyon. Since then she works and lives between Germany and Croatia and collaborates with numerous artists (Xavier Le Roy, Marten Spangberg, Marina Abramović, Joan Jonas, Simone Forti, Mike Kelley, Johannes Wieland, Kainkollektiv, Vrum, Isabelle Schad&Saša Božić, Irena Mikec...). She actively creates also her own projects in collaboration with multimedia artists, among which the most famous is Experimetallabor, presented in 2012 at dOCUMENTA13 in Kassel. 2013 she made a dance solo Navigating Darkness in the production of The dance days in Varaždin as well as a sequel to this series, the trio As The Dark Wave Swells in coproduction with the Zagreb dance centre. 2014 she presented the project 100 Years of Paranoia in collaboration with Eberhard Kranemann (Kraftwerk, Neu!, Fritz Müller) as a part of Berlinale 2014. (The International Directors Lounge). Ina Sladić continuously explores the phenomenons of pop culture, social networks and spectacle-oriented society in her works. In co-production with Domino and Lab &TD together with the artist Dora Đurkesac she realized #allyouneedtoknow, and since 2015 she presents her work under the name Dirty Dollhouse. During the artistic residency in Australia (Slovenia-Croatia-Australia Artist Exchange 2015) she began to work on her new piece, The Forest of Water. She took part in residency programs in Launceston, Brisbane, Melbourne, Maribor and Zagreb. On the 13th Festival of the First she presented her first performance installation.

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