The Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb


Artists' Cinema: Jasmina Cibic

Gorgona Hall, Thursday, March 31, 2016, 7 PM

Presentation of artworks done by Jasmina Cibic within the program ARTISTS’ CINEMA
is performed in collaboration with the project PERFORMIG THE MUSEUM.

The program brings together several works by Jasmina Cibic shaped around the idea of architecture and discourses it produces. Architecture as a performative gesture understood as text and context. Its central focus is an inquiry into the ways in which architecture can become the incarnation of national ideologies. Architecture plays a significant role, becoming an important protagonist, acting not just as a décor or setting, but cast as a subjective relation – as a fictional character.

The program gathers recent film production by Jasmina Cibic between 2013 and 2015, from the works exhibited at the Slovenian pavilion at the Venice biennale (2013), followed by her recent trilogy Spielraum (2015) to her latest production The Pavillion (2015).

Tear Down and rebuild (2015), 15.30 min / The Nation loves it (2015), 15.45 min / The Double Game (2014), 2.37 min / Framing the Space (2013), 10.45 min / The Pavilion (2015), 6.45 min
Total running time: 52 min

Screening is followed by Q&A with Branka Benčić.

Working between London and Ljubljana, JASMINA CIBIC is one of a new generation of Slovenian artists whose practice, although acutely conscious of a specific national political, cultural and artistic lineage creates a very distinctive language of its own. Her work is site and context specific, performative in nature and employs a range of activity, media and theatrical tactics to redefine or reconsider an existent environment and its politics. The basic gesture in Cibic’s artistic explorations is the dismantlement and careful analysis of the work of art, its representation, and its relationship to the viewer: she tries to operate inside the system she is investigating. The mechanisms and structures of the system thus often become integral parts of the practice, allowing the work to transcend the plane of art and the language of form. Because of their traversal of different structures and systems, her projects often feel like Gesamtkunstwerke and include variations of delegated creations of artistic objects and spaces and combine the work of architects, scientists, other specialists and craftsmen, as well as factory- made products, all chosen for some specific contextual or historical significance. London based Slovenian artist Jasmina Cibic represented Slovenia at the 55th Venice Biennial with her project “For Our Economy and Culture”.
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ARTISTS’ CINEMA is a screening program at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb established in 2012, aimed at introducing contemporary artists and their cinematic works, created at the meeting point of contemporary art and cinema, of film and visual arts. The program presents recent works of film/video outside the context of production of entertainment and spectacle as well as introducing historical perspectives and developments. It completes the programming of the Museum and complement the presentation of this hybrid form. It is aimed to intensify the dialog and exchange on the cultural scene of the city, connecting artists, curators, and critics with the public; in this way it will contribute to an active internationalization of the art scene engaged in the media of moving images.

Program Artists’ Cinema screened artworks by: Ursula Mayer, Shaun Gladwell, Gordon Matta Clark, Ibro Hasanović, Zlatko Kopljar, Damir Očko, Marko Lulić and programes Distorted Mirror (Lisl Ponger, Peter Kubelka, Peter Tscherkasky, Mathias Muller, Siegfried A. Fruhauf), Video television Anticipation, Share - Too much history, Difference Screen.

Curated by: Branka Benčić, independent curator
Project manager: Tihomir Milovac, senior curator MSU


Project Performing the Museum is co-financed by:

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