The Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb


Q. I. VEDO / Here I See. Italian artists about sustainability

Museum of Contemporary Art, Media façade, from 09/21/2016 to 10/12/2016

Here I See. Italian artists about sustainability , curated by Adriana Rispoli, is the visual format ​​specifically conceived for Quartiere Intelligente which is a pilot project of regeneration and re-use of urban spaces located in historical centre of Naples in Italy. Emerging Italian artists interpret the environment, sustainability and the relationship between man and nature while exploiting main stream advertising strategies by projecting visual messages on a media façade which turns into a magnetic attraction for aesthetic and cognitive capital aiming to strike the imagination and the fantasy of even a transitory audience. The language of the moving image thus enters into the urban space in order to develop a collective consciousness, to co-create a new type of community respect and awareness towards natural resources and its own territory. Belonging from the format Q.I. VEDO a selection of ten artists among the most interesting art scene in Italy will present a video artwork customized especially for the media façade of MSU in Zagreb.

Adriana Rispoli will present a project in the Museum lobby (in front of the Reading Room), on Wednesday , September 21st, 2016 at 7 pm.

The ten video art works will be projected on the media facade in loop sequence during the opening night on the 21st of September. Then each single work will be displayed for two days on the façade while inside the museum a one channel installation with the whole project will be visible for all the periodo f the show.

Artists: Filippo Berta, Bianco-Valente, Diego Cibelli, Giovanni Giaretta, Dacia Manto, Luana Perilli, Raffaela Mariniello, Moio&Sivelli, Masbedo, Luca Trevisani.

Curator coordinator (MSU): Radmila Iva Janković

The project is realized in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute in Zagreb and Q.I. Quartiere Intelligente, Napoli and held under the auspices of The Donnaregina Foundation for Contemporary Arts – Museum MADRE.

The exhibition is co-financed by the Italian Cultural Institute, Croatian Ministry of Culture and City of Zagreb.

You can find the schedule of the projections HERE.

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