The Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb


Parallel Vienna 2016 / Photo exhibition – Žarko Vijatović 'At the Edge'

Vienna, 21/09/2016 – 26/09/2016

During Parallel Vienna, the curator Leila Topić from the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb has chosen to present the work of the artist Žarko Vijatović. The photographs of the Sava embankment, the Parisian canal l’Ourcq, la Villette Park, industrial facilities in London or Trouville are carefully chosen from his series “At the edge”. The exhibition entitled ‘’At the Edge” has been organized by the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb and curetted by Leila Topić from May 17th to June 12th 2016.

Vijatović’s images are minimalist and emotional; they are depending on the return of ideas of time and process, of narrative and enactment, of experience, memory, and allusion, to the artistic forefront. He alludes to the frail space between the shape of urban space and human presence and absence, invigorating our senses and freeing us to explore the limits of direct and immediate knowledge that is not based on reason. “I've always been interested in suburbs, banal, “not interesting”, claims Vijatović.

Vijatović’s work has not been exposed in Austria since 1987, when he was presented at Trigon in Graz. During the last few years his photographs have often been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in Paris, Warsaw, Zagreb, Samobor and Rijeka.

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