The Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb


Discussion group, lecture performance, workshop: Rethinking Marx / The way people live

Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb, 30 Sep to 1 Oct 2016

A convention with Marx enthusiastic creators of arts and culture from Leipzig and Zagreb as part of the exhibition project "The Way People Live" by Kristina Leko and associates.

At the Rethinking Marx conference at Humboldt University Rahel Jaeggi established a renaissance of Marxist ideas and concepts within the academic landscape of Germany. With regard to social practices and their critical analysis social scientists increasingly revert to Karl Marx when developing their methodology. They firmly distance themselves from the normative perceived Marx concept of the Marxism-Leninism in former East Germany looking for new approaches and a revaluation of Marx. Looking back on the various "practice debates" from 1961 to 1964 and 1966 of "Deutsche Zeitschrift für Philosophie" (German magazine for philosophy) or an analysis of Heidegger and the Critical theory in former East Germany one can see that this normatively has always been a disputed terrain difficult to agree on and constantly renegotiated.

In the course of the exhibition "THE WAY PEOPLE LIVE" by Kristina Leko several parts of the programme will take up these debates. Artists and theorists from Germany are invited to participate in the exhibition and to take in German debates. The Marx renaissance as well as the handling of Germany's socialist past will be revised against the background of similar difficulties but in the different historical and political context of Croatia to find new discursive approaches. This border-crossing exchange has the intention to start a mutual dialogue about everyone's experiences. This dialogue represents a contribution to the reflection upon the handling of the value of work and ideologies of growth topic. They will pick up on issues raised by the exhibition and develop activity-oriented autonomy strategies.

A panel discussion presented by Ankica Čakardić from Zagreb including philosopher Christian Schmidt and philosopher and artist Judith Siegmund from Germany, political scientist Nenad Zakošek and philosopher Tomislav Medak from Zagreb scheduled 30 Sep 2016 is followed by a workshop with artist and activist Kathrin von Ow situated inside the exhibition before the installations and videos on the following day. A lecture performance by artist Rainer Görß presenting his critical analyses on today's industrialisation will take place on the same evening.

Participants: Christian Schmidt, philosopher, University of Leipzig; Judith Siegmund, philosopher and artist, University of the Arts Berlin; Nenad Zakošek, political scientist, University of Zagreb; Tomislav Medak, philosopher, MaMa, Zagreb; Ankica Čakardić, philosopher, University of Zagreb; Kathrin von Ow, artist and "Klasse Bewusstsein" activist, Leipzig; Rainer Görß, artist, Berlin

Curated by: Constanze Fritzsch

With the friendly assistance of Jasna Jaksic and Kristina Leko


Friday, 30 Sep

6 pm

Opening and welcome by Max Brändle and Constanze Fritzsch

6.15 to 8 pm

Discussion group presented by Ankica Čakardić including philosopher Christian Schmidt, philosopher and artist Judith Siegmund, political scientist Nenad Zakošek and philosopher Tomislav Medak

Saturday, 1 Oct

5 pm

Workshop on the subject of today's value of work by artist and "Klasse Bewusstsein" activist Kathrin von Ow

6 pm

Lecture performance on questions about industrialisation and the ideologies of growth by artist Rainer Görß

About the artists

Kathrin von Ow is an activist and artist from Leipzig. She is the co-founder of the network of independent art spaces in western Leipzig, and the co-founder and head of Projektgalerie A and V in Leipzig. As part of the program, she will present a workshop entitled "More than this. Napkin Folding in the 21st century. What is your trade?“. The purpose of the workshop is to review the current meaning of work, using Marx's questionnaires for workers.

Reiner Görß was a member of the performance group Auto-Perforations-Artisten in 1980s, and co-founder and director of the Untergrundmuseum U 144 – Berlin Mitte in Berlin. As part of the program he will present his critical analyses on today's industrialisation and growth ideology.

The program is financed by Goethe institute and Friedrich Ebert Stiftung.

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