The Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb


The promotion of the book „The History of European Photography“

Museum of Contemporary Art, Baunet café, 18.11. 2016. at 6 pm

The promotion of both Second and Third Volume will be held on Friday, 18th November at 6 pm at Zagreb Museum of Contemporary Baunet café.

The History of European Photography (1900–2000) is an international research project spanning the whole of Europe. The project’s main aim is to publish an encyclopedia in English, divided into three volumes / periods, volume 1 – 1900-1938, volume 2 – 1939-1970, volume 3 1971-2000. Each volume of the encyclopedia is organized alphabetically by country. A study on the history of photography in each country is written by an expert on photography from that country. Alongside the main studies, each book contains extensive additional material, biographies of mentioned photographers, and timetables marking cultural, socio-political and technical photographic events in each country for a given period. Past years, a team of 46 internationally well-known experts from 35 countries was put together, such as Gerry Badger, Hans Michael Koetzle, Mark Tamisier, Vladimír Birgus, Jan-Erik Lundström.
The project is coordinated by Prof. Václav Macek, chairman of FOTOFO association, professor at the University of Performing Arts, Bratislava, and director of the Month of Photography festival, Bratislava.

The Publicatons are being intrdoudced by:
Michaela Bosáková, curator of Photon Gallery Vienna and project coordinator for the Centrale European House of Photography in Bratisalva Slovakia
Želimir Koščević, Art historian, art critic, Head of Photo Gallery Lang, Samobor
Iva Prosoli, senior curator in Museum of City of Zagreb and lecturer at Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb
The exhibition is organized as a part of the 8th Photography Days of Tošo Dabac Archives program, held from October 30 until December 1 2016.

Official languages are Croatian and English.

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