The Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb


Animation goes MSU!: Slobodan Tomić "The Rise of Fascism"

MSU’s media façade, February 14 – February 28 /2017.

A series of animated sequences depicting architecture in interaction with humanoid puppet-robot figures embodying soldiers and civilians. And while soldiers move in strict formations, the civilians wake over an abyss or uncontrollably roll down the stairs of infinite architectural structures (references to Eisenstein’s Battleship Potemkin, the Tower of Babylon, Escher’s surreal spaces), sometimes colliding and falling into the abyss... The scenes are reduced to minimalism in 3D technique, alternating in different rhythms of sharp black and white contrast, accentuating the atmosphere of loneliness and the anxious premonition of fascist terror.

Slobodan Tomić (1960) was born in Split, and graduated from the Sarajevo Academy of Fine Arts in 1984, under professor Dževad Hozo. Since 1988 he has held many group and solo exhibitions in Croatia and internationally, as well as took part at festivals of experimental and animated film. He explores graphics, animation and new media and has won several international awards for graphics and short film. He lives in Split and works as a docent at the Split Art Academy, teaching graphics and 3D design.

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