The Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb


Tobias Hantmann: Tradition of showing - the marketplace of Freudenstadt

South plateau of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb, from March 6th 2017

From Düsseldorf to Zagreb and back. Various cities and places will be approached on this road-trip passing through Germany, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia; the trailer of the car carries a picture, the framing and the electric lighting system. After montaging it at the side of the car, the vehicle transforms into a self-sustaining open-air display. The picture is made of velour carpet on aluminium sandwich panel, aluminium frame and plexiglas-cover with the measurement 125 by 185 cm.

A photographic snap-shot is combed/drawn directly in the surface of the velour - a fragment of houses, people, fountains.

Over the past years Tobias Hantmann developed various groups of works which put emphasis on questions about pictures and paintings and how these are influenced by different surroundings and conditions. He is fascinated by the attraction of images, of motives and the motivation to establish these.

„Tradition of showing - the marketplace of Freudenstadt“ is a conjunction of diverse and unusual instruments and strategies. The practice of this presentation depict „the ritual of exposing“. The clash of different materials and formulations and their orchestration constitute the effort to experience the peculiarity of a static and material image in a new way. The mysterious center and origin of this complex attempt is the motif and its verbal frame: The marketplace of Freudenstadt.

This March, the project „Tradition of showing - the marketplace of Freudenstadt“ will also be presented in Künstlerhaus Graz (March 2), ROG Ljubljana (March 3), Aldrans (March 7), Hall in Tirol (March 8), Kunstverein Reutlingen (March 9), Kempten (March 10), Imberg (March 11), München (March 12), Frankfurt (March 15), Neuer Aachener Kunstverein (March 16) and Düsseldorf (March 18).

Tobias Hantmann: Tradition of showing - the marketplace of Freudenstadt , 2017
Car, aluminium frame, LED-lighting, velour carpet, plexiglas
430 x 220 x 180 cm
Courtesy Galerie Bernd Kugler
VG-Bildkunst Bonn

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