The Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb


Scholia – Petra Grozaj / Maria Sainz Rueda

MSU Gallery, until April 16th 2017.

Scholia denotes comments inserted in the margins of classical Latin and Greek texts. These comments gradually evolved into a separate form. The exhibition of paintings by Maria Sanz Rueda and Petra Grozaj acts as a sort of commentary of each artist’s paintings, where mutual influences, motifs, skills and formal education are rewritten and reformed.

Maria Sainz Rueda belongs to the younger generation of painters (she was born in 1976). She graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts in Leipzig in Neo Rauch’s class, while Petra Grozaj (born in 1974) graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. Their artworks for this exhibition were created in a kind of painters‘ dialogue and they represent a confluence of different connotations, since both artists were shaped by different and varied historical and cultural assumptions. Their work questions the medium of figurative painting, ranging from irony and artistic eclecticism to the pure pleasure derived from the act of paining. Besides, it’s a kind of mirroring strategy, since their paintings really are created in dialogue and mutual painting commentary. They exhibited their paintings in ˝Westpola˝, Leipzig in October 2015. The exhibition Scholia represents a continuation of their joint exhibitions.

Curated by Leila Topić

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