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Museum of Contemporary Art, Grand Opening: Wednesday, September 6th from 7 pm — midnight
Entry Free.

Organ Vida proudly presents its 9th edition titled New Citizens!

Organ Vida Festival is the largest international photography festival in Croatia and also the largest contemporary photography festival in Southeast Europe that gathers and represents photographers and artists, professionals and experts in several different galleries and institutions in Zagreb. The 9th edition will take place from 6th till 20th September 2017 at the Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb, who is also the main partner of the festival and the venue for 5 exhibition – New Citizens (20 selected artists from all over the world, finalists of the New Citizens Open Call), Pieter Hugo: Permanent Error, Nollywood and Hyena Men, Cristina de Middel: Sharkification, Dana Lixenberg: Imperial Courts and Photobooks from Kassel Festival: Dummy Award and Jury’s Selection.

Discoursive program Beyond The Documentary is scheduled for September 9th 2017 at the Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb, and the program will complemented with the presentations and lectures by the festival guests. Except for the rich program, this year Organ Vida will present for the first time the Marina Viculin Award - a special prize given annually as an award for artist whose work is an example of outstanding achievements in the field of Croatian photography.


7 pm > Pieter Hugo in conversation with Sean O’Hagan
Just before the main exhibition opening, south african artist Pieter Hugo will hold a conversation with Sean O’Hagan, writer about photography for the Guardian and the Observer. We invite you to join us at 7pm, and to come right on time. At 8pm starts the grand opening of the Photography Festival Organ Vida, as well as Pieter Hugo’s exhibition. (...more)

8 pm > grand opening of the Festival and 5 exhibitions:

New Citizens (20 selected artists from all over the world, finalists of the New Citizens Open Call)
The finalists of the 9th Organ Vida are: Miia Autio (Finland), John Feely (Australia), Daniel Castro Garcia (UK), Nick Hannes (Belgium), Ingvar Kenne (Australia), Annalisa Natali Murri (Italy), Drew Nikonowicz (US), Sarah Pabst (Argentina), Alexandra Polina (Germany) and Hannes Wiedemann (Germany). In addition to the 10 finalists, Organ Vida will present another 10, especially commended, projects. The commended authors are: Alana Holmberg (Australia), Tanya Houghton (UK), Maria Kapajeva (Estonia), Amélie Landry (Belgium), Camille Lévêque (France), Raffaele Petralla (Italy), Pablo Ernesto Piovano (Argentina), Christopher Sims (US), Bronia Stewart (UK) and Pavel Volkov (Russia). (...more)

Pieter Hugo: Permanent Error, Nollywood and Hyena Men
Organ Vida Festival is pleased to present a solo exhibition of photographs by Pieter Hugo. This exhibition entitled “Verisimilar worlds, The West African works, 2005—2010” consist of three artist’s most known works: Nollywood, Permanent Error and ‘Gadawan Kura’ – The Hyena Men series I and II. (...more)

Cristina de Middel: Sharkification
Rio de Janeiro has been in the spotlight during 2016 after the World Cup and the Olympics. This generated a sudden domestic interest for cleaning the international perception of the city; an image that could hardly avoid the recent “cleaning” campaign from the government in the favelas. The UPP (Unidade de Policia Pacificadora) was created back in 2007 as a result of the change in the strategy to fight the increasing violence in these neighbourhoods known to be controlled by drug traffickers. It was the response from the government to the recent move of the narcos from the North to the much more visible and fashionable South Zone (Zona Sul) and the very attractive territories where some of the most popular favelas, like Rocinha and Vidigal are located. But what sounded like a perfect solution with the integration of the police force in the streets avoiding a military approach to the problem, became a make up trap for the inhabitants of the favelas. They are now considered suspects by default, their daily routine has become even more insecure and their voice barely audible. (...more)

Dana Lixenberg: Imperial Courts, 3-channel video, 69 min, color, loop
Dana Lixenberg’s Imperial Courts project tracks the changing shape of a small, inner-city community from South Central Los Angeles through a combination of video, and an extensive series of black and white photographs. The photographs and videos result from Lixenberg’s extended and collaborative relationship with the residents of Imperial Courts, a place she became familiar with after travelling to Los Angeles in the wake of the Rodney King riots in April 1992. Beginning in 1993, and continuing until the spring of 2015, Lixenberg gradually created an extensive portrait of this community over twenty-two years, electing to face away from the spectacle of destruction, and to look toward those whose lives typically receive public notice only in the event of calamity. (...more)

Photobooks from Kassel Festival: Dummy Award and Jury’s Selection
The Fotobookfestival Kassel together with its cooperation partner Verlag Kettler has invited all photographers to present their as-yet unpublished photobooks to an international public and eminent experts. In 2017 the best 49 books has been shortlisted by a shortlist-jury and will be exhibited at international photo events, amongst others, in Istanbul, Moscow, Rome, Madrid, Dublin, Aarhus, Sofia, Zagreb and Lodz. (...more)

9.30 pm > screenings and party w DJ Denis Koletic + VJ trio marinaleaena (...more)
00.00 am > Party @SPUNK cafee bar, near Museum of Contemporary Art

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